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RR Auction Withdraws Questionable Black Sabbath Album Brought to Their Attention

UPDATE: I've edited the title of the topic to reflect the fact that the item has now been withdrawn from sale.



While checking out the items currently on offer at RR Auction, I was shocked to spot this Black Sabbath forgery (going at $715 + BP):

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

The item is stickered by JSA, and has supposedly been "Pre-Certified" by REAL (which I'm inclined to believe means absolutely nothing, i.e. Roger never saw the piece).

Although these very same cheap fakes have been previously discussed in other threads here on the forum (e.g. here), I thought this instance warranted it's own topic.

These amateurish fakes are very common all over eBay. Recently they seem to have adjusted their Iommi signature, but it still look pretty bad. They've also stopped adding the "SABS" and the dates (usually from 1999) to the Ward signatures.

I've compiled below a few examples of these forgeries form eBay, starting from $130. I've also listed some authentic ones, ranging from $900-2000.


FAKE: (seller: musicmayhem2016) / $130

FAKE: (seller: gtee2010) / $199

FAKE: (seller: scatpack_2016) / $250

This one even mentions the infamous (nonexistent) "Jeff Danzig" in the description.

FAKE: (seller: *starstruckmemorabilia*) / £395

FAKE: certed by JSA (seller: thetreasuredrock) / $2500


AUTHENTIC: (seller: wallsofsound2) / $899,99

AUTHENTIC: (seller: wallsofsound2) / $899,99

AUTHENTIC: certed by PSA (seller: inkster_sports) / $1095

AUTHENTIC: certed by PSA (seller: inkster_sports) / $1095

AUTHENTIC: certed by PSA (seller: sig21) / $1099,99

AUTHENTIC: (seller: presspasscollectibles) / $1199,99

AUTHENTIC: certed by PSA (seller: sig21) / $1499

AUTHENTIC: (seller: rocknrollmerch1975) / $2000

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If a seller isn’t aware that an item was authenticated in error, I would agree that the item is being sold in good faith. However, if they were presented with overwhelming evidence that a mistake was made, they are simply taking advantage of it. This information has been available for quite some time, but the Liz Shaw Datebook pages continue to be offered for sale and no one has come forward to defend them. The issue is simply being ignored.

I was not aware of this.

I was basing my assessment on the items that I've personally seen over the years that I know well. There have been a handful of items that I've questioned, most certified by JSA.

Has an attempt been made to present the TPA with the evidence in order to have the certification rescinded?

Great conversation. To follow up J. Mikael's question, has a TPA EVER rescinded a certification (except for circumstances that an item was brought back for a recert?)

It involves three different TPAs as well as several dealers and auction houses. The evidence has been posted here and also on another website. I've contacted a few people, including the eBay seller, but nothing has happened that I'm aware of.

I know that PSA has rescinded a certification without the item having been resubmitted.

Thank you everyone for letting us know that there may be a problem with this Black Sabbath album. We are going to withdraw the item and investigate. 

That was quick.

Since the purpose of this topic was mainly to caution any fellow forum members about the item, since it's been withdrawn (pending investigation), if anybody feels the title should be edited to reflect that, I would be fine with it.

J. Mikael,

You can actually edit it yourself. Please feel free.

I made an additional edit to the title after you did, since JSA thought it was genuine and RR removed it as soon as they heard your concerns. Hope that's OK.

That's fine. Thanks.

Thanks, J. Mikael for looking out for collectors, and Bobby Livingston at RR for taking action as soon as you heard there were concerns over the lot.

Great post. Anyone trace these back to the source?

J. Mikael,

How about doing a separate discussion on genuine Black Sabbath autographs and the more common forgeries? It would be very valuable.

Something I've learned from this site since 2009 that surprised me is how good dedicated fans of a band can be at authenticating their autographs.

Rich with U2.

Innuendo with Queen.

BallroomDays67 with Joplin and The Doors.

Chris Williams in Derek Jeter and Mickey Mantle.

The list could go on and on.


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