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Had it in my cart in the US store ... and it's gone

UK store still seems to have it.


Missed out on this earlier today, hoping for a restock on the UK store. It's frustrating that it doesn't actually say out of stock unless you attempt to add it to your basket, makes checking awkward.

UK is currently in stock! wanna get an extra for me? 


Back in stock in the German Store too. The image suggests that it is not an art card and doesn’t come with the annoying cassette. As we all know, no guarantee that it is a signed CD booklet though!

OF COURSE i would miss this! I've been watching like a hawk and the day i have meeting all morning. Anyone have experience with forward2me? or any recommendations for forwarding site?

I don't think that will work. I ordered the vinyl through her UK site and had it cancelled a few days later. I couldn't even get the order to go through this time, as it didn't like that I had a US credit card.

Shipping from the German site is insane, so I might just pass on this unless Australia posts a decent option.

OK that makes sense why i couldn't get the payment to process using my forward2me address. Thanks for that insite! i suppose ill stalk her site for a restock. its nuts they are already on ebay ranging from $60 to $120. i refuse to pay that.


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