Hi! Do they sign on this tour? How can i get their signatures? Anybody?

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I have a blackout Lp that is signed by all. If you are interested.
Too expensive, i guess. Probably about 700- 800$?

No way a Scorpions item is worth that much. I have bought a vintage signed blackout LP recently for about 60 US$

A fully signed item I see in a range of 300-400 US$

Ooooops:-) Thank You.

I can do 199 dollars for the Blackout Lp. Klause is fading and Francis are in ballpoint pen. Also Rudolf are a little smudged.

i have a promo photo signed if interested 

my promo photo is cheap if interested

Pixture, please.

original polygram photo not a reprint from my work  ,i got it signedif interested let me know

No experiences, no advices?

Scorpions have always been pretty good signers. The challenge will be getting close enough to ask them. Hotels and/or airports are probably your best bet.

Only 3 out of 5 members of the classic 1980s line-up left in the band though.


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