If you have any advice for someone looking for The King please let me know. And if you know of anyone selling I would very intrested. Paper photos whatever. He has been at the top of my list for a while now and I finally have the pennies saved. Thanks!

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Hi, I would recommend taking your time and looking at what has been and is available, what sells for what by who etc., while building a database of prices asked/realized, formats (cuts, signed photos, and so on), ink types, authenticators etc.

PS - You can register there at RR Auctions and look back at previous auctions and see the items and values realized to help you.

Thank you again Eric. I am sceptical about using auction houses as resources as I have seen a number of fakes slip in to even the best auction house over the years so I tend to lean more toward studied collectors who specialize in that one artist if possible. Would you happen to know who the 'Elvis Guy' is here? If there is one. I understand Richard Booth is the expert on Elton John  Innuendo is the top of the line for Queen and you seem to be the one to go to for Bowie. Any chance of there being an Elvis expert in the mix?

Indeed, I agree. That is why I suggested seeing and keeping track of what sells where and with whose authentication/papers etc. to build a database that cuts across all so you can make your own assessments. There are a few Elvis collectors here - I won't attempt a list right now lest I omit someone! ;) 

Very good advice thank you again Eric! :D

My pleasure Kstar. This is a great community Steve has created here for collectors to learn and interact. One can select an item for opinions on authenticity or condition without ever spending a dime. Education needn't be expensive and observation is free - I dislike when a bad purchase is put down to "education".

I believe Roger Epperson is the guy at R&R, or at least he used to be.  In any case, he is an Elvis expert.  Before you purchase run it by him for his quick opinion

Perhaps you have seen this but there are some online resources from which you can learn quite a bit:

RR Guide to Elvis Signatures by Bill White

That helps a great deal Eric thank you! I know getting an Elvis is still probably a long ways away but I can't help but get a bit excited now that the money is burning a hole in my pocket and my wall suddenly looks so....Elvis-less lol. I will be studying that resource thanks so much 

accept my friend request I can lead to u off the guys who specializes in elvis

I accepted your friend request about an hour ago lol

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