Tonight I lost two bids on some small priced items.  Literally fifteen minutes later I get second chance offers from the seller.  This doesn't sit too well with me.  Again these aren't pricey items but I think it is the principle that bothers me.  It feels shady, trying to milk as much out of an auction as possible.  If this were a legit no-pay situation how would the seller know so quickly that the other buyer was not going to pay.  Shill bidding?  maybe.  What are your thoughts on this matter?.  

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It actually doesn’t have to be a no-pay situation. It could mean that the seller has more than one of the item and is willing to sell to one or more of the non-winning bidders. If so, there’s nothing wrong with it.

Thanks Ballroom, never really though about it from that angle.  Make sense.

Could be like Ballroom said or could be like you suspected. Doesn't matter in my opinion if you want the item the only question is are you willing to pay the price the seller asks? If the story goes like you think the seller is only trying to make as much out of his item as possible what I think is legit, sure you won't make a bargain but cheap is not always the right way.

This happened to me twice recently.  I was outbid on Game of Thrones autograph cards, and I received e-mails regarding a second chance.  It was a few days later on both occasions, so I expected that the buyers did not pay because they did not expect the winning bids to be as much as they were.

It takes a long time for a non-payment situation to work its way through ebay.  Most second chance offers involve a seller with more than one of the same item.  There is a link token if you have a second one to extend a "second chance offer" to the runner-up bidder at their bid price.  At least that is what my experience has been.

usually the person waits to get paid then goes down the bidder list and offers the second chance in order of bids if not he will relist it.

he can have 1 extra or 10 extra u just don't know

I may have misunderstood the original question.  I was contacted on both occasions in order to be informed that the autograph cards were relisted.

I imagine it can happen either way, but I'd probably be more concerned about a non-sale, i.e. relist, than if the seller happened to have two or three of the same item.

If it is a unique item and you get a quick second chance offer, I would assume a shill bidder was the high bidder.

Most of the time when a high value item gets a second chance offer it’s the result of shill bidding. This happens all over eBay and they do nothing to prevent it. I see the same high end zeppelin lps listed over and over, each time they sell and then magically the same seller relists  them again a few weeks later. Once in a while a high bidder doesn’t pay, and you can get a second chance offer that’s legit. Best plan is to write the seller and ask why...

My items were not unique, and I was sniped at the very end of both of them.  It was very strange in both cases.

Yeah, same here, I typically don't bid until the past second but I was sniped at the very last second and the second offer came soon after so there was no time for a non-bid scenario unless the seller identified the bidder as a bad buyer (but then again wouldn't they just block their bids).  Again, these were not unique or big ticket items but even with that I get the feeling that something was a tad fishy.  I can live without the items, at this point it feels my principles are taking over.  I didn't get verification if there were multiple items up for auction and there was no mention on either description or a message from the seller that signified that they had multiple s of the item.

Thanks for all of the responses ya'll


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