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I have happened upon this forum since I have recently decided I would love to own a Freddie autograph, but they're all pretty pricey and I am but a lowly self-employed music therapist with little spare cash, so if I get one it is going to involve a large amount of money for me, thus I truly want to know it is a real signature.  

I'd be particularly interested in an early (70's) Freddie autograph to be honest (even though I get the impression from on here they are a tad less sought after??) since 70's Queen has always been my favourite, but I am not fussy - as long as it is real, anything would do me.  I am just looking for something relatively affordable if that ever exists.  Do you think it is likely to find any early Freddie autograph that could be around the £200 mark or under, or is that impossible?  If it is impossible, the saving funds begin now.  I am perfectly happy to wait in order to attain something genuine.  But I would love to know what kind of price folk think I would need to stretch to? 

And if I am seeking a 70's Freddie Mercury autograph, could anyone help in terms of what to look for for it to be genuine?  (or indeed any era!)

I shall attach two Freddie signatures I have found in my internet-trawl since the desire to obtain a Freddie signature overcame me.  I reckon they are not genuine as both seem to come from sellers who are selling waaaaayyyyy too many autographs from waaaayyyy too many musicians (and I am not convinced by the look of them either), but I wanted to ask opinions just in case one was genuine and also to ask if anyone knew they best place to buy/keep a look-out for a Freddie autograph?  I was looking on "Rare and Signed" but everything seemed pretty expensive there and I was wondering if it is even certain if everything sold there is definitely genuine?

I've loved Queen and especially Freddie for many years, since I was a child, though sadly didn't discover them until Freddie had already died, and when I did I used to wish I had a time machine to travel back to the 70's to see them live.  Well, I still do to be honest!

I was very lucky to meet Brain May once as a kid though, so I have attached the autograph I got in person then too, in case you are interested in seeing another genuine autograph... though I am sure there are 5 billion Brian autographs out there!!  (This one is still very special of course to me!)

Thank you so very much to anyone who may be able to provide any help in my search for just one little Freddie memento!  :)

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Hey there, great Brian graph! The 2 Freddies are absolutely fake and that NOTW album comes from a forger on Ebay who sells on multiple accounts. Usually from NJ or AZ. To answer your question, no, you will not find a genuine Freddie anymore for just £200. Freddie autographs from the 70s are very VERY different from his hand in the 80s. Unfortunately, his 70s autograph was so simple and so "sloppy", it makes it incredibly easy for forgers to attempt. Because of that, I never advise people to buy freddie alone in the 70s unless it's on an item of some value or also includes the other members. I strongly suggest you attempt to find an 80s freddie. They are much prettier, much harder for forgers to attempt and were much more abundant than the 70s. Freddie was a very generous signer and was just around the public more in the 80s than he was in the 70s. Most the time in the 80s, he was living between NY, Munich and London. Hot spots for fans, plus tours= more graph opportunities. I will attach a link to a price list I made about Freddie and Queen, but Freddie alone on paper is usually around $500-600 USD and that's the cheapest Freddie items out there. 

Innuendo, could you please give your opinion on this piece?

Before you look at it though, I must say that I noticed it’s being offered by the same seller that’s selling that signed notecard in the original post, which you said was fake. However, what throws me off is this seller has listed items bought from RR Auctions, Profiles in History, etc...  so I do trust some of their items to be genuine.

Hey there, Benjamin. Yikes, that's a bad fake, unfortunately. Definitely not genuine. It's important to remember that not even big companies like RR get it right every time. There have been a handful of times I myself have pointed out a few bad Queen items to Roger Epperson after he passed them (who I understand authenticates for RR or did in the past). He handled it as a total professional and always did right by his customers, I must say. That's not to say this item was purchased from RR, but just a reminder that no major company is void of fakes (if it was purchased through them). 

I usually try to give the sellers the benefit of the doubt, and as both items seemed to be signed by different hands, it's likely that this seller simply doesn't know much about Queen graphs and picked up whatever he/she assumed was good. Hope that helps.

Ah, thank you!  By the way, the website offering this is Regis Autographs. I’d been curious for awhile now about getting a second opinion on some of their items.

and, to be perfectly honest, I’m not so sure about trusting everything on RR; I remember a discussion here recently about a fake David Gilmour graph they listed and never took took down even after people contacted them to let them know the item wasn’t authentic. 

Benjamin, thank you for that but of info on RR. After 40 years in this hobby I've learned your best bet is usually with experienced collectors vs anything else (be it big companies or online stores). 

I have to say as far as I've seen, RR has an ok record with Queen items. Not great- but not terrible. That is disappointing to hear about the Gilmour item, though. I do hope that isn't something they do often. 

Thank you so much for your help Innuendo!  The price list and advice are all so useful.  I shall start the Freddie-autograph fund and shall return if it ever rises high enough to buy to enquire with you about authenticity (if you don't mind!)

May I enquire whether rareandsigned.com does tend to have more genuine items?  They do seem to fit with your prices in general relatively closely.  Not the that would necessarily mean genuine I suppose.  Or can the fakes get anywhere?!  I have no idea how common forgeries are.  It isn't something I've ever thought about I suppose!

Anyway, yes, thank you so very much for sharing your price list post and for all of this information.  And yes, my little Brian autograph though not rare is very special to me - for a tangible link to the memory of the day of course as well as in itself, but since there is no hope of that with Freddie, I hope to one day be able to obtain the next closest thing! :)

Happy wishes all!

No problem at all, happy to help when I can. Rareandsigned are known for being one of the worst places online for graphs. They're an odd one as I've never seen a genuine Freddie graph on there (plenty of Freddie's, just none that resemble anything close to genuine), but they do have genuine Brian and Roger signed items. It's not hard to do, as Brian and Roger are very generous signers and do sign daily. Rareandsigned also usually has an unlimited collection of Freddies on guitars. Freddie never signed a guitar in his life (or pick guard- just something he refused to sign) according to his last 2 PA's, but the forgers on there didn't know that, apparently. Queen is pretty heavily forged band, and yes there are fakes for them absolutely everywhere.

I'd be happy to help point you in the right direction for Freddie graphs whenever you're in the market. All the best. 

Thanks so much!

Here's a list for the current value for most Queen items. You can expect to pay around what this list states right now for all things Queen and Freddie. Hope this helps


Innuendo, this one could be good ?

Hey James, this one does have some atypical points but I do believe it's from the thickness of the marker used. None of the signatures share features, so I do not believe this was signed by one person and each signature does match genuine rushed mid 80's examples. I'm a bit of a stickler when it comes to my own collection, so I would wait for a better example of their hand to come up, but I don't believe this item is bad at all. Hope that helps. 

Thanks for your opinion


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