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I came across a full set of 1963 Beatles autographs signed on the back of a business card while preparing University Archives's auction email. I don't recall seeing one before, but I haven't scoured every auction with Beatles autographs for decades like some members have.

It's 3.625 by 2.5 inches, so significantly taller than a US business card: 3.5x2 inches

Have you seen one before? How many are known? If they're rare, is it likely to be worth more, less or the same as a similarly signed but larger set?

Here's the listing for more details: https://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/beatles-signed-card-circa-19...

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Never seen this one before but actually a pretty nice set.dont really think the card has any significance.my opinion worth around 5k.

Signed on 6/15/63:

Ballroom, are these for sale or just in your example vault?love the pagan one!!

They're just in my exemplar file. That one was signed in June or July of '63.

I figured  they were.


very nice early set! Is that one yours Jim?

Hey Paul...It's part of our Beatles memorabilia traveling exhibit.

A nice set for sure.

Very nice Jim!!! The card is rare unsigned!

Ballroom, Jim, thanks for the posts. Nice to know.


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