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Shania Twain - Signed Vinyl LP - Queen of me - Out Feb 03rd Sound of Vinyl UK

Shania Twain Signed Vinyl LP - Queen of Me - Sound of Vinyl UK 


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Nice find .. 85 copies left

But I think it is a signed insert...

I questioned them the other day and they responded confirming that is a signed art card insert (if that's what you can call it with how tiny and pathetic it looks in her promotional video!) 

I did wonder myself as well - as we know these webstores continually lie with bait and switche tactics  left right and centre  -  it's advertised as a signed LP - if it isn't signed they will be getting it straight back - I don't collect signed inserts - They may learn one day to supply what is advertised, but i doubt it! 

For the vinyl the video showed a LARGER art card so like 10” not the small cd art card 

Just noticed that Newbury has the CD with a signed insert now, these have been on sale for a very long time now in a lot of places and I was wondering if anyone else is worried about autopen or is it just me being paranoid lol. There are still in every indie record store I checked as well 

I'm not sure what to think. She's charging $5500 for her meet and greet and the cheap signed CDs aren't sold out? 

yeah that's what I was thinking and the more places they pop up make me doubt it even more, there was a time not long ago that I thought maybe she was too big of a name and that I would never get her signature and now they are everywhere

I mean, I believe she did post some signing videos on her Instagram Stories and whatnot, but this is (presumably) an unusually high quantity for someone who hasn't really done this (I don't think?) in the past. 

Totally agree with you both Joel S and Rich.

From what I've seen you get a capital "S" with a line and a dot.

Enjoy your "autograph" :)

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