Bought from Alan Parker back in 2011/12

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My suggestion was roger at 15$ and psa at 10$ and see if I can get a consensis

I am familiar with Roger, he does authentications for RR auction. I will contact him. But basically I'm flogging a dead horse pretty much. When I have the money I will contact him also PSA/DNA. Just to be sure. 

It's only 25$ to get an opinion from roger and psa. That's not much for what if real is worth money

I like this approach and have taken the same path when I could not get input here.

Yeah I will. I just don't have any money at the moment. I am on benefits, so it's always tight that's all. But when I can I'll definitely be in contact with them. 

So I've been told it's authentic. Gonna get the coa with hologram sticker. I've also contacted RR to see if they might be interested. Oh and I looked at PSA, it's $150 to get an opinion on Sid vicious, for some reason. 

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You've also been told it's more than likely fake.

You might want to do a search about rare and signed on here before making a move

Just saying

If real, do you really want a sticker on it?

I highly suggest more research before spending money you can't afford to lose 

Yep, the guy's a hack. He's banned on eBay and sold fake autographs and had to refund them. My friend in the UK who's helping me with this gave me some links. Oh well. 

getting it certified by this company is like having Jacky certify a Queen item, even if real this makes most buyers stay away from it.

That's really very funny man


Good one patrick

No one apparently lol

That guy shouldn't be allowed to even still have a site, it's fraud isn't it? Being banned on the eBay seller list etc. Ridiculous. What a prick. My friend gave me the links on here about him, how his coa's are banned on eBay. 



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