It's been 5 years since we published our first Band-Signed Beatles Album Census.

It's time to update it!

A history of full-band-signed Beatles album prices would be hugely helpful to the marketplace as well, going back as far as we can, so let's build that, too. Not just from auctions, but reports from collectors and dealers who have sold them.

For starters, please read the 2011 Census, which had a few years of updating and other input added by collectors and dealers.

Add your research and commentary to this discussion for now, and as we get more data, we'll post two separate discussions to fine tune it. Once we feel comfortable with the information we have and what we have determined, we'll publish reports that will help collectors and dealers worldwide make better educated decisions on Beatles album sales and purchases.

These are the results of the 2011 census:

US Release Band-Signed Beatles Albums

0 Introducing the Beatles” [Added to list on Sept. 16, 2019]

6-7 “Meet the Beatles”
2 “Help”
1 “Beatles 65”
1 “Beatles VI”
0 “Rubber Soul”
2 “Revolver”
0 “Magical Mystery Tour”
0 “Abbey Road” +1 offered by Autographs for Sale on eBay starting Mar. 16, 2019
0 “Yellow Submarine”
1 “White Album” +1 sold by Tracks in Nov/Dec 2013 for $186,000; +1 more signed for the same person who got the other 2 signed (added 3/13/19)
1 “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”
0 “Let it Be”

17 US Albums Known 

UK Release Band-Signed Beatles Albums
Roughly 75 “Please Please Me” (Their first album, signed in three 1963 UK promotional tours)
16-21 “With the Beatles” (The tail end of their easier accessibility) [Editor's Note: 1 since April 2011 added.]
8-10 “Hard Day’s Night”
3 “Beatles for Sale”
2 “Help”
1 “Rubber Soul” +1
1 “Revolver”
5 “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” +1 sold by Bonhams on June 30, 2016
0 “Magical Mystery Tour” (All reissues from the 1980s and up.)
0 “White Album”
0 “Yellow Submarine”
2 “Abbey Road”
0 “Let it Be”

Roughly 113-120 UK Albums Known (38-45 plus roughly 75 “Please Please Me” albums)

Let's do it!

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Yes. Some legit. But....Also when I was there. 9 of the most gorgeous signed rare Beatles albums in existence. And I kept going round and round via e-mail with the owner years ago. Where did they come from..?? "From dealers".... I may go back and look and see if I still have that e-mail correspondence.

Steve - I just scrolled down through my "sent" folder for my Hotmail account. It stopped at October 2007. I am actually surprised that much is still there. I don't want to hog this thread up with nonsense. But it was like a journey through the past - the good and bad. Plenty good. The vast majority having nothing to do with Rock stuff. And then I see the e-mail correspondence with Tom Fontaine. Certainly not going to accuse him of selling bogus autographs. Quite the contrary. But oh what a shark. I almost bought a signed Pepper from him. It makes you realize just how good Frank is. Obviously the autograph expertise. But just so much more. I still cringe when I think of my dealings with Fontaine. Suffice it to say he is no Frank or Perry.

It is interestng to note that the new listing only refers to a BAS certification now (which the previous listing did not have) and no longer lists the Caiazzo or Epperson COA. 

They also took the photographs of those COAS down. I am sure if they have the BAS LOA (not shown) that is part of the reason why they raised the price. This also isn't the first time I have seen this seller not list the other loas once they have PSA or BAS certification...But weird to me to leave it out.

I guess I am a little mistaken. Still lists the REAL and Caiazzo in title, but still removed the photos. Only lists BAS in description and "+2" 

This must have been reposted by a staff member who didn't understand what to do. The title is: 

"The Beatles Signed American Abbey Road Lennon McCartney +2 Album Caiazzo REAL"

The only copy under description is:

"The Beatles Signed Abbey Road Lennon McCartney +2 Album Overall in fine condition with minor handling wear. Authenticated with a full letter of authenticity Beckett BAS"

No images of COAs are even in the listing.

Lennon McCartney +2? That's a weird way to describe George and Ringo!

You only have so many characters you can put in an E-bay title listing. So you have to compromise. People who can afford this probably aren't looking up single signed George or Ringo items. So those are two 'key words' for searches you don't really need here. Much more important to get Beatles, Lennon, McCartney, Abbey Rd., real, signed album, Caiazzo , COA, etc

Yes but it's like that in the main description too. Weird.

Yeah.... But this is a seller that has over 2000 items listed for sale right now. So you are probably not going to get much more detail then what is in the title. It is hard to sell such expensive items on E-bay. I bet it gets bought by someone who sees this listing or their website or word of mouth and buys it directly from them. Some times this is just advertising. Deal with them direct to cut their fees down and you will get a better price.

I knew it was going to be a Hard Day's Night! He seems to have the most of them.



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