Found these in the store on his web site

Here is the link if interested, there is a signed hard cover ($99.95) and a signed soft cover version ($49.95) of the book

Limit of 2 each

I purchased 2 and had received them in about a weeks time

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Tried to purchase but put me on wish list

Just curious, which version did you try to order?  Hard cover/soft cover?  I bought 2 hard cover versions for double the price, gotta believe the soft cover will sell out much faster due to that price.  Apologies, wish I could have posted sooner.

The paperback

Hey Bill,

Hard cover version is still showing as available for purchase 

Ordered because I a fan but gotta day extra $50 for hard cover is just a rip off

I agree, who does he think he is??

Not Mick Fleetwood, apparently - lol

Sorry, couldnt resist :)

But yes - lame to the tenth degree.

I don't listen to Poison/Bret Michaels, but I'm surprised that his signed books demand those prices.

It also strikes me as odd that he charges a $25 premium to sign the paperbacks, but a $50 one to sign the hardbacks. I understand charging more for the signed editions, but I don't quite get why he charges more to sign one over the other.

I saw him the summer right before covid and my friend and I were about 10 feet from the bus with a fence between us about 4 feet high and they put up a curtain so you could not see when he got off the bus and we asked one of the guys in the band If he thought we could get our cds signed and said with a hard NO If you want something signed you have to pay the 200 dollars meet and greet fee and only one item, So I won;t pay the 100 dollars for the hard cover book that just rubs me the wrong way

I had a similar experience with David Lee Roth back in 2003, only better.  He exited his tour bus at Westbury Music Fair in Long Island, New York, and approached a small crowd of us fans.  He signed everything.  Albums, a microphone, photos....  He even signed a woman’s breast.  I was not prepared, so I had him sign my ticket stub.

The guy runs a business. I know how his stuff works. At the M&G he'll sign whatever you want. Just don't expect to roll in there with every Poison record. Bret is awesome. 

True story: I waited outside after his solo show in philly two years ago and his henchman gathered up one item per person and he took them on the bus for Brett to sign for us. He did, and the signatures were very nice. For About 15 people. Interestingly enough, there was also a middle age woman obviously drunk or high waiting to meet Brett, who proceeded to dry hump a roadies leg with the promise she’d meet Brett. True to his word, when she was done, he took her on the bus. 10 minutes later they drove away, with her still on the bus. I sometimes wonder what happened to that nice lady - was she dropped off at the next rest stop, did he leave her in a ditch, or did she impress Brett so much he married her? I guess I’ll never know. 



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