Greetings. I was hoping to get some feedback from fellow Doors fans on two items I recently purchased. This was the first major purchase for my collection. Sadly, I think I was scammed.

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I found a similar pattern on the BBB website. Scroll down to the complaint filed on 5/7/2022 for the conversation string.

I just realized why he wants you to use an ASQDE examiner. It's because GFA’s fraudulent guarantee states that if an ASQDE examiner determines the item is a forgery GFA will refund your purchase price.

 John House, the owner of Dalshire International, will tell you to go back to GFA since they provide the guarantee if the examiner determines that your pieces are not genuine.

The truth is that GFA doesn’t have a pot to pee in. 

That seems to be the pattern with this triad. I am good friends with a forensic investigator, but his specialty is more on the materials/engineering side. I reached out to see if he wants to take on a document case. He's a Fulbright Scholar and sought after to be an expert witness. .

Whenever I hear "Forensic Document Authentication" I always avoid the item as 99% of the time they are fake. "Grant Sperry" LOAs have never been accepted by any legit auction house. 

Ditto on that, Bruce. 

You’re being kind, Bruce. Conservatively 99.9% of autographs offered with forensic authentication are forgeries. 

That's a fact!!!!

Dalshire has another one coming up for auction in a couple of weeks. Amazing.

Wow, this just blows my mind. Is it on Live Auctioneers?

Yes it is. I’d love to hear their story about how these signed “13”s came about. The signature styles from the other three members would be from about 20 years after Morrison signed, while they all appear to be in the same pen.

Thank you for the link. This is extremely disturbing to see duplicates like this. Live Auctioneers should put a disclaimer on their auctions and at least attempt to protect their customers interests.

Dalshire is nothing but a forgery factory churning out whatever they think will sell for the most money. Live Auctioneers should be held liable for hosting them on their platform. 


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