Sometimes you have to break the bank for your favorite song. 

I first saw this piece when I was in college, no way I could afford it then. Then Tracks had it up at a price I thought was high, but then again, there's only one, and this is my favorite song. So, I had to do it. Frame job was spared no expense. 

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If this comes from Tracks it must be OK but why is it not fully signed and witnessed? 

Seen those f o r sale a gem.


they all look the same , here is a Sexy Sadie contract 


because there are usualy multiple  contracts like this 

each performers attorney has one the corporation ,if theres a lable involved

so having a not fully excuted one is pretty coomon

the rarest is the final one fully excuted by all .I have few for some bands .

I had a fully excuted quenn  ,I have grateful dead .



top shelf all the way, framing & matting is beautiful 

Thanks man!

Very, very cool. Congrats!


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