credit to Christopher Mitchell but this needs it's own post so it doesn't get missed in the live signing one

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Nice!!!! Just ordered mine. Thank you!!!

Yeah like I said Christopher Mitchell found it but I figured it needed it's own post since people who don't live near the live event  might not see it in that post, and got mine too so thanks C.M.

Very nice find... ordered...thankyou

Thanks for posting. No idea what I'm doing up at this hour but I am so glad I'm awake for this. Description makes it seem like it's a separate COA that's signed? Or am I just misunderstanding because im so tired?

Agree it’s a bit confusing but the one listed already on eBay appears to show a separate COA with signature lines for the band.

If you read the text it does say “come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the band members” so I’m guessing not signed on the disc but the accompanying paperwork? 

Nice find. Ill be happy either way. I just listened to a preview and probably would have bought the LP on its own regardless. Im curious where this seller found the stock photo to use though.

Right…seller is in UK so maybe it showed/shows on the UK site? 

Ok, so it is from UK site (thanks Mikhell)*/*/Def-Leppard-with-The-Royal-Philharmonic-Orchestra-Drastic-Symphonies-2LP-Picture-Disc-With-Signed-Certificate-Of-Authentication/7RLN0000000

That clears it up then.. limited to 3000 copies?.. 

The same certificate is shown across all bundles in the UK. as well as mentioned for the US market making me think that the Double Picture LP is limited to 3000 copies worldwide rather than per bundle.

"Format 12'' Vinyl LP Record Album. No Impressions Exist other than those Documented Above. THe Undersigned Declare The information to be valid"

3 k less then I thought, great collectors piece wont last long!



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