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Reading all the comments here about cancellation of orders, dunno if I should feel lucky mine didn't get cancelled or feel bad for these types of stuff still happening to other fans

When did you order?

Way before this was posted here, over an hour earlier I think,

I buy these magazines frequently so I'm up to date on most of their music magazines, especially the collectible ones :)

Order cancelled as well

Placed 07/21 at 1:36pm cst

My order at 11:31am PST was cancelled. 

My confirmation email came 6 minutes after this was posted and was cancelled.

And of the 15 or so that were listed on e bay every single one has disappeared 

Anyone’s refund actual process through yet? Or is it still pending?


Yep, pending. This company really needs to get its act together.

Still pending, wonder if it the company or PayPal causing the delay?

Yea mine still pending too. All 5 orders 


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