Signed Meet the Beatles lp, 110k, what do you think?? It's authentic.

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It looks authentic to me.. I think it is overpriced and noticed it has been reserved!
Have signed beatles albums spiked in value?

That's not overpriced. I think it's priced right where it should be. These sold for $100,000+ 5-6 years ago.

A couple "Meet the Beatles" came to auction the last few years that were owned by Doc Gordon, offered through a regional antique auction house, and they went for fairly low prices. Now that they are in longterm hands, prices are coming back up to normal.

Are the Please please me, lp's the cheaper of the Beatles signed albums?
Be great to own one.

Yes, there are about 75 genuine "Please Please Me" LPs known. I'm sure there are even more out there.

They're the least expensive, followed by "With the Beatles." Roughly 20 of those are known at last look.

7-8 "Meet the Beatles" are known, most ones that Doc Gordon got signed for himself, family, friends. Another one George's sister, Louise Harrison, got signed.

Any problem-free band-signed US release Beatles album is worth $100,000+ or more. Only 15-16 are known.

I remember that, one on the train for Louise and the doc albums!

Who'd ever think Beatles signed lp's would be worth so much money!

this is one of the nicest examples I have seen.

You're right, Terrier. Most of the "Meet the Beatles" are very nicely signed, because almost all were signed for insiders.

It's the most plentifully signed US release Beatles album...yet only 7-8 are known!

Once fans and collectors realize how rare genuinely signed Beatles albums are, especially US release, Beatles albums could be worth multiples of what they are today.

If they have provenance from the world's leading and most trusted Beatles experts, they will be worth even more.

The Beatles were so popular that they were able to sign what limited number of albums are out there, in comparison to other popular artist at the time, The Hendrix experience, The Doors.

True. But about 80% of their album signing took place in 1963-64.

The Beatles were a phenomenon in 1963, like Elvis was in 1955-56.

They were like nothing the world had ever seen, and they were beautifully and professionally managed.

Their first album, "Please Please Me," was released in early 1963, and they met fans and signed autographs, albums and otherwise, at 2-3 record stores to promote the album. That's why there are so many...75 or so known.

Most fans just wanted to meet them, though...only a small percentage had albums or anything signed!

"With the Beatles" came out in late 1963, and only 16-20 or so are known. 

"Hard Day's Night" came out in June 1964, and only 8-10 are known.

These are all UK releases.

And only about 16 UK release albums are known after those three.

Only 15-16 US release Beatles albums are known, period...7-8 of them "Meet the Beatles" in early 1964.

By the time The Doors and The Jimi Hendrix Experience became popular in 1967, The Beatles were super rare signers.

Only 8 UK and 3 US albums are known. 6 of the UK were Sgt. Peppers, mostly gotten by Apple Scruffs and others hanging around Abbey Road studios.

Take away Sgt. Peppers, and there may be more Hendrix and the Experience Albums known than Beatles from 1967 on.

Doors band-signed albums are definitely rarer than either. I only know of one of those, and it was just discovered recently.

Really interesting. Ive only seen one or two Hendrix lps signed and the same with The Doors, the one your talking about is one.

Excellent information Steve, thanks.



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