did anybody else get that ozzy signed litho email just now?

this is what it said:

"Thank you for preordering the Deluxe Vinyl of “Ordinary Man”! Your order is about to ship and you will receive tracking information soon.

Please note, your free Limited Edition Ordinary Man album lithograph may arrive in less than mint condition. It has traveled the long road from being hand-signed by Ozzy, meeting up with your vinyl, all the way to your door.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your continued support."

I responded right back to them and said..if this doesn't get to me in new/mint condition, it is going back and you are sending one that arrives to me in new/mint condition or i contest with my CC...I bought new items..not damaged items...they are trying to cover their own a**** over something they are not telling us about, imho..

I have gotten several signed lithos and NEVER have I gotten a BS  email like this, EVER..NOBODY DOES THAT!

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Surprise Surprise - My LPs arrived with No Signed Lithos - All Hell will now Break loose!

We Have trading standards Here in the UK for Problems / Fraudulant sellers - all i can find in the US is the Federal Trade Commission - seems like a bit of a waste of time reporting them to There as they don't actually prosecute - only make a record of wrong doings  - is there anyone else in the US  i can report them to as what they are doing is Fraud!

My lithos arrived damaged and I contacted the website. They sent me signed CD booklets as an "apology". I would contact them as I am sure that you could at least get some signed booklets instead. Assuming that you don't want the booklets, I am sure that they would send you a shipping label to do a return. A signed litho is probably out of the question though at this point....looks like they must have oversold them unfortunately. I think that any attempt to report them would likely just be a waste of time and effort.

Thanks for the Reply - Yes they certainly and Fraudulantly Oversold them and i was one of the first 20 to order way back on the 24th January  - That's Piss Poor.

They should have contacted customers before sending anything out!

I've contacted them earlier today - although  i had a very expletive Rant, so i don't expect they will offer me a signed CD Booklet! 

Your State AG might be able to help.  I was ripped off in an auction in FL and I filed a report with them.  The hockey jersey's I bid on and won were cheap very bad knock off jersey's.

Didn't get my Litho either, just the album. Just sent them an email, see what the response will be.

I finally got an email response... I had ordered Ozzy's vinyl while the signed litho promotion was still on the website, only to receive the vinyl and no litho. I can tell anyone else experiencing this...they don't care. I sent screen shots for proof and everything. I received a response that "The lithographs were a free gift to the first purchasers. We have no way of knowing who gets one at this time. Thanks for understanding."

I responded saying I would never have made the purchase without the promise of a signed lithograph. Can I return my item for a refund? -- A few days later, I received one more response... "Unfortunately, we have no signed items available. Thanks for understanding."

I disputed through Paypal, and am a few days away from getting a full refund. I ended up purchasing a signed litho on Ebay for around $200 to make myself feel better. What a shame!

What a Bunch of Arseholes His Webstore are - I just escalated my paypal claim as they are totally ignoring me !

Wow thanks for understanding? Well I guess I'll do a dispute with my CC company. No use waiting for their response.  Unfortunately I didn't get a screen shot...still learning my new operating system....aaarrrrggg

Well, then I guess I will be filing a claim with Paypal then, as they have not yet responded to my email.  Thanks for the info, guys !

Sorry we're dealing with this, everyone. To let you know, they never responded to Paypal, so I was refunded in full. I'm sure they know they screwed up and at least now we can recoup the funds.

Any body have any info about the signed softpack cds

Probably arrive non signed just like my non existent signed lithograph that didn’t turn up with my LP.....



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