did anybody else get that ozzy signed litho email just now?

this is what it said:

"Thank you for preordering the Deluxe Vinyl of “Ordinary Man”! Your order is about to ship and you will receive tracking information soon.

Please note, your free Limited Edition Ordinary Man album lithograph may arrive in less than mint condition. It has traveled the long road from being hand-signed by Ozzy, meeting up with your vinyl, all the way to your door.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your continued support."

I responded right back to them and said..if this doesn't get to me in new/mint condition, it is going back and you are sending one that arrives to me in new/mint condition or i contest with my CC...I bought new items..not damaged items...they are trying to cover their own a**** over something they are not telling us about, imho..

I have gotten several signed lithos and NEVER have I gotten a BS  email like this, EVER..NOBODY DOES THAT!

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Honestly I’m with the majority of you, but record companies are becoming cheaper when sending with those out now. I had to get mailed out and both or damage to me in the past six months.

I think something probably did happen to a handful of the lithos end/more they’re just trying to cover their a**** since his health conditions are worsening. Anytime you’re receiving a signed item from someone in the clean house, strange things could happen. I had a friend be a 1950s Hollywood star at a show and they quite literally signed through the item damaging a lobby card. Maybe it might be something along those lines where to much pressure was applied or too many shoved into trying to get to the distributor.

Has anybody recieved there signed cds with the cassettes yet

They're right. You are not.

No I agree it’s BS and you shouldn’t have to pay for a damaged item when it’s a preorder. Luckily the record company refunded the (2) lithos I got and allowed me to keep them, but this a downward trend that is becoming more common. I’m just trying to warn others they’re providing excuses and delays more frequently 


you are absolutely is getting out of hand..they started selling signed items to boost sales,but they don't ever take into consideration the value of those items to us collectors and that we expect said signed items to be delivered non-damaged because we want to frame items like this and put them on display..for example,A damaged litho looks like crap in a frame..that's just common sense..

Yeah I’m still fighting for one signed preorder because they don’t have stock. Been going back and forth for months as the artist hasn’t gotten around to it. Just disappointing it’s gotten to this point where they just toss the items with no disregard or sign on the plastic (like Slash did in a video posted online). It wasn’t until collectors complained did a notification come out and they essentially said, Whoops. They just want a quick buck and don’t care how it arrives for fans 



If i pay for a undamaged product, i expect an undamaged product..especially if it is a product that is of value and unique...

I would not return the signed lithograph under any circumstances.  Hope for the best, and make the best of it.  I hope that it all works out in the end.  Please keep us posted.

well..if they require it back for a new one undamaged to  be sent, i would have to..but i  hear what you are saying..they might not send another or it will take forever...

Just got this email.....

Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately we cannot guarantee your free item will be in mint condition - we just wanted to give you a heads up about it. We do not have replacements for these. We apologize for the inconvenience and value your loyal fan support. 

Ozzy Store Support 

i just got that too..that is complete bs...i got this as well..this is funny..shows how stupid they think we are...

Hi Nick,

Please keep in mind that the signed poster is a free gift with purchase and you did not pay for it. 

Ozzy Store Support team

I shot back and said..look here this is and everybody else in the industry are including signed merch in order to move more products because nobody is paying $45 for 2 vinyl albums otherwise that is not an RSD release! I paid for that signed litho..i said that is the reason I ordered. I said also..nobody wants to see a damaged signed litho in a frame! plus there is worth involved as well and that it is a unique funny how they think we should be grateful..f off! They have no idea who they are dealing with here..that includes all of us here!



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