did anybody else get that ozzy signed litho email just now?

this is what it said:

"Thank you for preordering the Deluxe Vinyl of “Ordinary Man”! Your order is about to ship and you will receive tracking information soon.

Please note, your free Limited Edition Ordinary Man album lithograph may arrive in less than mint condition. It has traveled the long road from being hand-signed by Ozzy, meeting up with your vinyl, all the way to your door.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your continued support."

I responded right back to them and said..if this doesn't get to me in new/mint condition, it is going back and you are sending one that arrives to me in new/mint condition or i contest with my CC...I bought new items..not damaged items...they are trying to cover their own a**** over something they are not telling us about, imho..

I have gotten several signed lithos and NEVER have I gotten a BS  email like this, EVER..NOBODY DOES THAT!

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Not yet. Photo, please?

Received my lithos, but not the signed CD's yet and I'm in Western MA.

Got my signed litho today (in France). Mint !!! Very happy...

I purchased the signed Deluxe Softpack CD last week.  Hopefully it will ship soon.

Mine came this morning to the uk ! in fantastic condition ! really happy .

I ordered on 20 Feb.  Still awaiting shipping.  I emailed the store and they replied today that it is still in the warehouse and they would try to expedite the order.  They also sent me a link for a digital download to I could listen while waiting to get my order.

I’m still waiting for mine to be shipped and I ordered in the first minute of going live 

I ordered within 1 minute of going live on the 24th January 5.46 GMT (9.46 PT) and still not received anything - my order has been shipped from the US to UK, it  was shipped on 26th and arrived in the UK on 28th Feb  but has been at the DHL Warehouse for a week and has not been updated since. 

I Received an e mail saying i have to wait 30 days before they will do anything - which is pretty stupid! I replied saying i'll just do a paypal claimback ! I'm not happy at all! 

Well my record arrived today minus the signed litho!!!!  I am hugely ticked off with Ozziy's store.  There were 106 signed copies left when I ordered on 20 Feb.  Sent them a nasty note asking for either a refund or my signed litho.  This makes Ozzy's store look very inept and possibly fraudulent.

For those who actually got a signed litho was it inside the record?

Will update when I get a reply back.  Guess I'll call my CC company and file a dispute. 

I’ll let you know on Monday if I get my signed lithos or not.... I paid an extra £50+ on import charges and royal mails stupid handling fee for doing there job...

mine were ordered within 1 minute of going live on 24th January and they were showing 980 left so I ordered in the first 20 as there were 1000.

All hell will break loose if mine aren’t signed

The ones I’ve seen on e bay look like they are sealed and the lithos are separate 

The signed litho was separate to the sealed vinyl



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