A member here would like your input on the authenticity of his signed rock albums please.

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In my expert opinion, every single one of these are crap!
Are you including the Star Trek album? Asking since it's not music.
I don't have an expert opinion but those Johnny Cash signatures look like they are from the same hand and I don't think it was Johnny's.
I agree with Roger. Some of these are the worst one I have seen in years!! I think the second one is supposed to be Billy Idol. And it's horrible. Even a rushed Bryan Adams looks nothing like the one we have here.
These are all bad.  REALLY bad.  The only one that looks even REMOTELY close is the Elton John, and even it's not that good.  The Police, Stones and Star Trek are HORRIBLE.  I really hope someone didn't pay a lot (if anything) for this stuff.
I don't know what he paid, but unfortunately he did buy them.

The Aero lp looks like a fake to me for sure.

The Bryan Adams has no similarities to a couple of lps he signed for me,I think its a fake as well.

twenty thumbs downs
I'm with James.  Wish I had a extra hand to give it 3 hands down!

I don't think any of these look remotely authentic.


I've only got a Police, U2, and Aerosmith of the bunch. Oh, and a Bryan Adams. But I've seen lots of examples of the other bands, and these look absolutely horrible.

(not counting the Star Trek -- I know nothing about what those signatures should look like)

I'd like to make a suggestion.


On threads like these -- you have experts (Roger) and people like me (that have seen hundreds of these bands signatures), giving our opinions.


It seems after we've given the opinions, the person that made the purchase -- or you Steve -- should tell us WHERE they bought them. Even if that means "at an estate sale" or "saw them at a record store," or whatever. Sometimes it helps, when we can all say "Oh...Autograph Central. That explains it." It helps get the word out for the bogus places selling these items.



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