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How do you identify a bad autograph dealer? Whether you're at their website, in their gallery or store, or they're selling at events or conventions, there are signs to look for and questions to ask that will minimize your odds of being taken by the crooks. Share your tips, questions and experiences here.

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Note the organizations he said he is a member of.....never heard of any of them Universal MAnuscript Society
Rick...who are you talking about? That's common for the major forgery sellers.
I think he is referring to http://www.guaranteedautographs.com

The guy claims to be a forensic expert with associations I could not find anywhere. Including a Forensic PHD program at Temple..???? But, just look around at his site... VERY SCARY! and at the same time Laughable.
Thanks Mike.  Sorry I was not more specific Steve.  Just have to be careful with slander/libel issues

Thanks for this..... I almost got nailed on one...


Glad you avoided that, Larry!

This discussion was started in Sept. 2009, right when I started the site. I'm glad to see it's still helping people. Some of the information and advice is dated, but the core is pretty solid.

The gift that keeps giving indeed

If they will not allow you to submitt the item for a reputable 3rd party authentication, run don't walk away. Also beware of those that are very vocal about being anti-3rd party authentication. Go with members of UACC, Iada or Pada and you will have recourse.
i like your views and recently a dealer who ill not say was promising that to me on his fake and flying elvis sigs.many of them he has still to this day and is like theyre genuine as far as he knows.steven reviewed them for me and said most likely theyre obvious fakes.i agreed at 1st that they were suspect enough to pass on them for the time being but now im positive.i thought the forger had a close writing style to mimick the king however and he also had very fake shatners,legers ill bet,whitney houstons,etc!anyways my point being that they all seem to get cocky or just stupid and say its guaranteed to pass 3rd partys.they also give a lifetime coa as i do but i actuall reinforce the guarantee as best i can!who will you go to in 3-5 years or 7 when there no longer in biz as they got shut down or took the moohlah and bought an island resort!
Ask them if you send the item off to PSA, JSA or Roger Epperson and it comes back fake, will they issue a refund. Forgers don't want a defining line. They will obviously know their item will come back as fake and as such will make 101 excuses as to why these companies are bad. If a company doesn't have a defining line as to what is real and what is not, what good is a lifetime guarantee of authenticity?

Michael Kasmar
As a good friend, Markus Brandes, says:
First assume an autograph isn't real, and then let its provenance, your study and opinions from experts prove it is genuine.
I do think that it is wise to target certain companies that are known not to have experts in certain areas. Such as, I know very honest NASCAR dealers that will not accept ACE Authentication opinions based on the fact that Justin Priddy is NOT a NASCAR expert.

This is why there needs to be a larger company that helps the community by picking the BEST authenticators from each section of collecting...Even those should be broken down at times.

Such as, a company can have a general Hollywood authenticator. That same company could also have a specific Harrison Ford expert who would view all Harrison Ford items.

As experts, we need to take "price" out of the initial set-up. Once we organize a large specific expert team, everything else will happen naturally.

Just a thought that this is a new age of autograph collecting....As experts, we need to offer MORE!


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