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Also on vinyl & CD signed at Amazon and no need to buy a bundle (but not the coloured vinyl)

Signed purple vinyl (Assai Obi edition - limited to 500.

Signed posters on her website now.

Looks like she has gone for the short-sig on these again, unfortunately (otherwise, they look like a really nice item and a very reasonable price at essentially free with the CD)

for context, here’s my signed copy of her debut album from a few years ago…

That’s what my one with Gryff was like, but the new signed CD is pretty much a scrawled S and D. Not great. 

Agreed! Here’s my GRIFF dual (interesting since they were signed so recently too!)

Although a massive fan, I’m passing on the poster and Amazon CD for now. I ordered a personally signed copy from Banquet Records, so hopefully they’ll have a nicer signature!

It doesn’t look like all of them are like that, although it’s possible the bulk ended up like that.

That looks like a good deal for £8.99 with the CD too, if any of the signatures are like that! 

We seem to be entering the age of the large poster, first Florence and now Sigrid - still need to work out how best to safely store them, but I think they’re an improvement on the artcard trend we all detest…

I have never had a shipment of any sort so thoroughly obliterated in transit. Not even close.

Smudged as well sadly


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