SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES- All Souls Limited Edition Orange LP + Exclusive Signed 12” Print

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one of my son's favorite bands and I went to order one for him but shipping to the U.S. is more than the vinyl at $31.20 so it's a pass for me

You can adjust the shipping to standard/non tracked for $20 if that helps. If it was a signed LP and not print I'd probably pay $100. Hoping something pops up stateside but i doubt it.

Thanks!  That's sweet.   Prolly won't last long. 

Many thanks!

Website is incredibly slow, but my order went through eventually.

This! Despite the best efforts of the website, I finally got a copy. Thanks Kenny D.

Website is completely overloaded. I've had mine in the cart for 40 minutes and can't check out.
Wow, it worked. That's a record! Literally!

Website slow due to internet overload following death of ERII - RIP

I couldnt get one but i tried even before this, anyone knows if they are all sold out?

Looks to still be available to me. Site is speedy right now compared to earlier (I'm in the US).

Cheers! It was an IP problem


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