This may be a chance to some extent, but I bought this DVD yesterday

Sealed within was a signed art card from both of Slow Club (Rebecca from Slow club is now better known as Self Esteem)

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Sounds like a random strike of luck?

No I think they're selling off these - which were all signed

Bought one out of curiosity. I'll let you know. 

You're correct, looks like they're all signed. Mine came signed today. 

She's also selling signed prints on her website. The prints are NSFW though...

Same image as the art card (albeit smaller) I got with the HMV signed CD.

Not the best image imo

I agree, it's not my favorite image, you can't even display it if you're married and have kids. My son might appreciate it, my wife not so much.

I didn't discover her until recently and, despite her not being my usual taste in music, I think she's great. I saw that Banquet had signed LPs from her but I was late to the party on that. Still bummed about missing out on those. 

I asked her to write  'prioritise Dan' on the vinyl cover and she gracefully did, can't really show that to my wife either lol

I seem to have a ridiculous amount of signed stuff from her now - book, various CDs and vinyl and 3 of my own gig photos. Id probably best stop there!

The film's really good though...



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