I'm considering a Smokey and the Bandit movie poster for my father (who is a huge fan) and was wondering what other's thoughts on this poster is? Do the signatures seem legit? Does this price seem reasonable for two signatures? I haven't bought Smokey and the Bandit things in the past so I would appreciate any insight. I have attached the link as well. Thanks


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Hi Anna,

Your link isn't complete unfortunately. Would you mind placing it again?


I don't like the signatures on it. I've gotten a few Burt signatures, and...this doesn't look good to me.

I noticed it looked a bit different than other signatures of Burt's that I found online...

don't have the signatures but I do have this...

No authentication required. VROOOOOMMMMM!

Very nice with the 455.  I had a '69 Camaro SS. I wish I had it now.

According to the certificate, the Burt Reynolds was witnessed by Beckett. No mention of the Sally Field which would have been added at a later date and is not covered by the certificate. 


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