there are tons of signed items in there, a lot sold out but you can find a sweet deal. I wonder if anyone knew of this charity organization before:

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They are pretty cool, but for DEEP pockets…i got one of David Byrne

Yes, alot of people know about it. I bought one for my wife and had it stretched/mounted. Get on their email list as they tend to have drops that sell out quick.  

Some Great Signed Prints with 20% off with Code HOLIDAYCLASSIC !

It's been talked about a lot on here.

Is that right, Shawn? Huh. Because it looks to me like no one here had said a word about this excellent 2022 holiday sale, or this excellent 2022 holiday code, which appears can actually be stacked on top of those sale prices--until Nick generously took a minute out of his valuable time to call attention to it in this thread.

You obviously don't comprehend! So let me explain it. I said this site has been talked about here before. Nothing about discounts or anything else for that matter. Is it a bit clearer for you now?

Then why say it? Please drop the condescending stuff.

Bought a Clapton one in 2020 :)


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