Sports Forgeries eBay seller longhornauthentics2014 THE AUTO SCOUTS AGAIN

So sick of these guys. Yet ANOTHER eBay ID selling cheap "The Auto Scouts" forgery rings. eBay seller longhornauthentics2014 These guys have so many eBay IDs it's absolutely unreal. "The Auto Scouts' are a forgery ring that survives via eBay. All cheap junk fakes with a "Guaranteed to pass 3rd party authentication" description and "Comes with COA and hologram" scam. 

Any "special event" they prey on, i.e. World Cup starts and magically they have every soccer star's autograph on every item imaginable. All Star game is tomorrow, and magically they have ever all star's autograph on 2014 all-Star balls. Just absolutely sickening.

All junk:

Just absolutely unreal eBay allows this to happen and PROFITS from it. 

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And when you call in to not only notify ebay's fraud department, but carefully explain and prove why a seller is selling forgeries, even showing them examples of authentic ones....ebay does NOTHING! Forgeries on ebay have probably gone over 90% now. It's unbelievable!

This warning from eBay when listing an autograph is absolutely worthless:

Is there ever an end to this Ryan, i mean good grief. You have probably exposed this group 30 times or more, and they keep coming back. Its unbelievable. Yet, every time i see a new thread with the title "The Auto Scouts Again", it makes me laugh, even though forgeries are not funny. Its just comical how many times these guys keep coming back.

I just don't understand how eBay has not turned their info in. They would be very easy to bust, this is a HUGE forgery ring... I mean every single event throughout the entire year they have forgeries to go with it. For the World Cup they have team signed shorts/balls/photos/jerseys of every team/player. It's just absolutely unreal that they get away with these junk fakes this easily with 0 fear of being busted.

Those soccer forgeries are miserable... Yet people buy them!!

Over $1,000 in profit from forgeries on the first page of feedback alone... (last 2 days...)

Since April 23rd, this one small little account has sold $2,973 in forgeries. eBay has profited $300 from this.

Now multiply that by the 5-10 active accounts I believe they have active each day, and we're talking BIG BUCKS.

Absolutely unreal. 

Ebay continues to profit from the sales of forgeries and scammers.

eBay has done nothing to stop forgery seller longhornauthentics2014 who has a whole new "batch" of forgeries for sale, including this Kershaw forgery which is up to $182... WOW.

What a POS looking Kershaw baseball!! Check this out. ebay seller c-shark has a fake LeBron James card in which he CREATED a Redemption auto RC. I called up Upper Deck a couple days ago, and the guy who works CS there took a look at it and said UD had never had a redemption card like that of James and that was indeed a forgery. He said that Upper Deck was going to contact ebay and let them know and that hey want it taken down. That was 2 days ago!

eBay seller longhornauthentics2014 continues to sell horrific forgeries on eBay:

eBay has done NOTHING to stop forgery seller longhornauthentics2014 who continues to sell junk cheap fakes.

Who is the 2nd forgery suppose to be?



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