Sports Forgeries eBay seller manattic THE AUTO SCOUTS AGAIN

Another day, another new bogus "The Auto Scouts" eBay ID slanging $2 forgeries to wannabe autograph collectors on eBay. This is eBay seller manattic

These are as ugly as sin:

Typical "Comes with COA and Hologram!" description.

Take a look at the garbage:

Just absolutely unreal.

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These are official league balls as well. haha

Looks like Ebay Seller (and Scammer) Manattic also has "Private" feedback.

Typical Ebay scammer.

Wow, how many accounts has the auto scouts guys used now? This is ridiculous

It is incredible, Carl.

Carl I have probably exposed over 50 of these accounts. Literally as soon as one gets shut down, 2-3 new ones pop up the next day. "The Auto Scouts" was their original "COA/Company" name until I blogged about it and they took note. They yanked their website (after writing a hilarious excuse that they were compromised on the pathetic homepage). 

They are a huge forgery ring that survives via eBay. They do everything in the book they can to stay "one step ahead of us", I know for a fact they read what I write over here. They take our autograph "tips", they do private feedback, they change eBay IDs/locations until the account is officially shut down. They also no longer mention the name of their "COA" they have that day, because they know I will blog about it and destroy it's reputation. I have seen probably 5-10 different "COAs". It's always just "Comes with COA/Hologram!" now on their auctions. 

It's NOTHING for ONE of these accounts to make 2-3k a day... and eBay does NOTHING about it except dance in the money. 

As I have said before, they are professional eBay scammers. Any popular athlete/event going on, they magically have every autograph anyone could want. Sad thing, is their forger is amateur at best. There is a special place in Hell for these clowns. 

What about IP blocking, does eBay have that capacity?  I wonder - EMR's could you possibly answer this ?


This isn't just one person, this is a very organized forgery ring spanning across the country. 

Here's another one eBay seller parry3719 isn't it *convenient* that when I pointed out they all have the same background for their description that *magically* they changed it? Junk fakes, professional eBay scammers.

eBay seller manattic is back at it selling more crap "The Auto Scouts" forgeries again. Unreal.

Hilarious Peyton:

eBay forgery seller manattic has also switched their feedback to "Private". Imagine that. 

Yeah, Ryan, imagine that.

Damn scammers!!!

these sellers and buyers are both a joke. And ebay does NOTHING about the problem... even when contacted!!



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