Went to Harvard Square yesterday and it was packed. I asked what was going on and learned that Springsteen was signing copies of Born to Run book at Harvard COOP.  Thousands of people were in line sine 6 am, with tickets they got day before. No way I was going to get in, but  mman you cold even feel his aura outside of the store which it onlt  a blovk away from when he performed that famous Harvard Square show in the 70s when a journalist gave a review-:I have seen the future of rock and it is Springsteen!


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I think it is wonderful when these big stars treat their fans right! Apparently he stood there for 2 and a half hours, shaking hands and taking pictures! That is a pretty big deal I think. I am not even a big fan of his, but I understand how much that little encounter probably meant to those people! For those that were able to get tickets, bot through resellers, I believe it was only the cost of the book which was a little over $30!

That is pretty cool in my book!

The book was discounted for like $24, tax included. In total it cost me like $350 to make a trip so more or less the same as deluxe edition book+CD combo and I got pre-signed book, IP signed vinyl and handshake + photo with the Boss. I'm not a diehard fan but I believe it was a pretty good deal and great to have such an encounter with one of the biggest living rockstars.

I spoke to a few people and all were from far away lie Montreal, NY, etc.  I wonder how any Maschusetts people were there-seems like it wasa more bruce fans from all over northeast

I was able to do the Portland and San Francisco events.  I live in Portland, so for $30 I got to shake hands, get a pic with him, and a signed book.  By far, one of the best deals ever, IMO

unbelievable!  Only drawback must have been the lines

the press says thousand were in line in Cambridge.  How can the boss sign for so many in 3 hours?  Does anyone know if he was there longer? 

To my knowledge, all the books were pre-signed.  He didn't sign books at the events.  A special Publisher's Page in which he signed prior to the events was inserted and bound in the books.

I've seen lots of concerts in my life, and Springsteen is on the top of that list. I disagree he's a hype just because he represents the American life. It is his music that really stands out. The rising cd for example, is highly underrated.
Who else can create an atmosphere like this?

I agree, to me he's one of the greatest ever!

Here's my Springsteen signed album if anyone is interested:


here is a prior to e street lyric book I have by springsteen




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