Hi all,

I have bought a Stan Lee signed comic from eBay and am waiting for delivery any day now. Only after buying did I start having some doubts (although the seller has been around for quite a while, has an impeccable rating and only has two signed items including this one on sale) and came across this fantastic forum (no comic book pun intended).

I’m hoping it is authentic, but can anyone verify to put my mind at ease (especially as I only paid around £50 for it, which seems very low).

Thanks for your help. Images are below:

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Compare the Stan Lee autograph that you purchased to authentic Stan Lee autographs and you will be able to answer your own question.

Ok thanks Mike, I’ll wait for the comic to arrive and compare.

Thumbs down.

Hi Steve,

Going with Mikes suggestion to compare to other Stan Lee signatures and it looked pretty similar to me as a complete amateur.

Is it because it is not very clear from the picture or is the COA questionable? Because the seller has another comic book on sale on ebay at the link below, this may be easier to authenticate as the signature is clearer. Please let me know your thoughts.

I don't want to put words in Mike's mouth, but I believe he was stating that if you compare to real signatures, it will be obvious this is a fake.

Even from the small image, it's clear to me that this is a slowly drawn, poor fake. Looking at the seller's other offerings... they are all bad in my opinion.

In terms of the COA; it's either swapped from an authentic item or a complete fabrication that could be easily made in PowerPoint in about two minutes by stealing graphics from the web.

Dozens of fake Stan Lee signatures sold by ebay seller "thogo_4614" All total junk signatures on cheap quarter bin comics.

The autograph is atypical.  It will be easy to determine.

Thanks Mike and Steve for your feedback, good enough for me. I’ve requested a refund from the seller and hope to resolve.



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