I'd like to know how much this type of material goes for in price? I know it's accurate because it was signed by Stan Lee at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con.

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With a reputable COA, you should be able to get as much as $300.


I thought his items would have sky rocketed once he passed away, in fact I probably have between 30-50 signed items of his, and it’s been really slow on sales, he was a very nice man who worked out of an office hear in Beverly Hills, very kind  I would see him maybe once a month to ask him to sign and up until his last few years he was always  accommodating, but between him being fan friendly and all the cons he did the market is flooded which of course brings the value down, like magic johson he would always smile shake hands and sign autographs all the time, and now you can probably get a signed jersey that has ITP or WPP Coa for $50 to $80! Jerseys and authentication fees alone are worth more then that, 

I had him sign two comics at New York Comic Con back in 2016.  He was charging $100 for an autograph.  He was getting very tired, and needed to take a break in the middle of signing, when he saw some guy with a stack of what must have been fifty comics for him to sign.  Stan Lee was a machine that day.  Yes, the market is very flooded.

Great story yes he was a machine a few times I went to he’s paid signings and he looked at me kinda funny saying something like (what are you doing here?) I assumed because I met him previously outside his office and he knew I didn’t have to pay to receive his signature and I told him i still like to support you when I can mr lee, he smiled shook my hand and Gave me  a thumbs up, 

Very cool.

I have a source on Stan Lee 8x10s that, last I checked, was still selling them for the same rate they had them at before he passed--$120 or so each.

They've still got stock.

There's no real reason for Stan's passing to affect the price. It's all supply & demand. Demand hasn't really changed and supply at the same price from before his passing is still plentiful enough for anyone who wants one to get one.

did he sign that in the street? no way that's from a sit down signing

I was waiting for this.  Kammie, did you mean to say that you know it is authentic?  It is atypical, to say the least.

I'd be very surprised if that could be positively authenticated by anyone in the world unless they actually witnessed the signing. It's not even close to the acceptible norm for any period, even at the end, let alone 2007 when his penmanship was still legible, standing or sitting. .

Yes it is authentic. I stood in line to have him sign it at the San Diego Comic-Con.. I just didn't mention that. I just was curious what it this type of product would go for today. I put it up for 3:25 so you said 300 so we're not that far apart.

I mentioned a reputable COA.  Without one, it is less likely to sell.  It looks off, even though he signed it for you in person.


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