I have been collecting Star Wars autographs since 1998.  Not all of my signatures are on Star Wars memorabilia.  For example, when I met Warwick Davis at a comic convention in New York City I had him sign a Willow photograph.  I also have publicity photos of Sir Alec Guinness and Christopher Lee from the 1970s and a Natalie Portman signed The Diary of Anne Frank theater poster from her performance on Broadway back in 1998.  My current wish list includes Peter Cushing, Terence Stamp and John Williams.  I am interested in knowing about the collections and wish lists of other members.

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Very nice, Mike T.  Congratulations.

After spending money on Hamill a couple of years ago, in order to finish a set, and getting this disaster

I realized that I can't pay Hamill for autographs anymore.

Then I see the autographs from last year on lightsabers and stacks of photos, and the graphs just keep getting more and more horrible... the more he charges.

All I can say is it better be something multi signed and spectacular before anyone drops $300 with Mark, because as you all know his modern graph on the aftermarket is worth all of about $50.


That's actually pretty good by today's standards LOL

I know, and it was the one that broke me.

I Imagine I'd have to shoot myself if I got one that looks like one of the Texas pieces from last year.

I was stuck having to buy it you can't have just 2.

With graphs the whole "2 out of 3 ain't bad" concept still eludes me.  


You lucked out on the ford, I've seen some terrible ones.

Yeah....not bad.  That one is on par with the three cast photos I mentioned.  I haven't scanned those yet.  And in fact better than a couple I have gotten back from OPX send-ins.  

So, for those wondering, I was able to get a refund from the handlers for that signature, not that Hamill would even be aware of that fact, given his rapid departure from the scene of the crime.  Of course, I am still out the $80 I had paid for Daniels to sign the card back in April.

Ironically, there is a video that has surfaced of Hamill meeting and greeting fans coming out of the Javits Center just after my encounter.  He is shown being congenial and engaging, posing for selfies and even signing a few graphs for free.  He's as affable as ever.  You can search for "Hamill New York Comic Con" and it will come up after a few Tweets.

A few people I have shared this story with have ventured that he ruined the card on purpose.....that he holds collectors in such disregard that he would willingly deface an item for one he may perceive as being "big time."  I for one did not feel that way at the outset, but I haven't ruled it out entirely, given that he has proficiently signed a number of trading cards over the years, some of which are in my collection.  Indeed, my pen selection was based on observing his having signed cards in similar ink, even adding lengthy (and yes, humorous) inscriptions.

If you are talking about Grad's cards those were signed many moons ago. Good luck getting him to do that today.

Ugh so I will say this...Since I don't collect Star Wars, but have a fondness for it. I like the image and the graph doesn't bother me per say...However modern graphs stink in general.

I am also not a "grapher" so I have rarely gotten "free" graphs. That all being said, the only way I could justify paying $250 for a modern graph is if AT LEAST I got to be in the presence of that person even if it was for a very few seconds.

I understand the waiting lines are terrible and you might see that celeb in a light you may not ever want to see, but it has to still be part of the thrill meeting (loose meaning I know) the person you are a fan of?

I don't know, I probably agree though if it wasn't for an item I would never dream of parting with, then these prices and attitudes are pretty ridiculous to pay that much...But I would be tempted as a fan.

I did it at Celebration for Hamill.. ended up waiting for about an hour, he came out a little early. Made sure I did it on the first day, first signing window. I chatted with him for a little bit when I got up there, told him he was the last signature I needed to finish my poster, he looked it over and complemented it, took his time and gave me a nice signature.

Great piece Mike!

By Sunday, it was a much shorter sig, all over the place, and no inscriptions. Gotta get in early.

Who is advising Mark about continuing to jack up his prices, or is it he thinks he's worth $300? Does anybody know if he's going to jack up his prices again? No offense, but somebody needs to tell Mark he's not Harrison. Also, is it true that Mark doesn't sign on the street or at the airport anymore?



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