These fine scripts brought to you by eBay seller: brandon97206

eBay seller: aprudom

eBay seller: 3blindmice1952

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Ouch! Those are pathetic attempts.

If it wasn't one person trying to defraud another, it would be comical.

I agree Steve.  This is exactly how I fell victim to a forger on eBay many years ago.

Thank you for creating this discussion Mike.

No problem, I'll start posting them as I see them. Hopefully it helps somebody.

It absolutely will.  Thanks again.

Nice catch, these are awful. I am yet to see a decent forgery of Harrison Ford

Anyone got a match?

I gotta say I really hate it too when the celebrity forgets to spell their name incorrectly.. 'sigh'

How is it humanly possible to still have 100% feedback when just at a glance it seems to me they sell 100% fake! 

Maybe that's it, perhaps eBay has updated things and you now get positive feedback for 100% fake items... I despair! 

When I first started exposing forgeries there was an Ebay seller of signed guitars, drumheads, etc.

They were all forgeries.

Before he finally got booted off Ebay, he sold approximately $750,000 in forgeries and he had 100% Positive Feedback.

And that was just one seller.

Ebay sellers of forgeries succeed because there is a huge population of suckers and wannabe autograph collectors and EBay.........

And the sellers of forgeries have absolutely no conscience.

750K. Wow! Off topic, but did anybody read where one of the Star Wars actors predicted the new movie they are filming will be better than Empire Strikes Back?

Yeah, but that's coming from Daniels.  Who knows.  Easy for cast members to get excited about a project before they see the final result.

One thing is for sure:  Even if it's no good, it will be much, much better than the steaming pile of dung that was the prequels.

Dan, I agree with you completely, but that did not stop 80-90% of the high end Star Wars collectors from being scammed by one guy a few years ago. He had a great reputation and pics of Harrison signing items and photos of himself having lunch with Mr. Ford. That was enough for him to sell a mountain of fake Fords to nearly everyone he contacted.

Study the autograph, don't trust anyone.   



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