Stranger Things Real or Fake Coast2Coast on eBay

Hello! I know Stranger Things is all the rage these past couple months. I was wondering if I could get help figuring out if this is authentic or not? I heard a couple negative comments about the seller Coast2Coast who is selling this poster. But if anyone has any experience with any of the cast’s signatures or the seller of this item, please let me know! I’d really appreciate it. Thank you!

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I didn’t get a response on my last discussion, so I’d REALLY appreciate if someone could participate in this discussion. Thank you.

Can you post a link? Here is the link to his eBay account. He doesn’t have that poster listed. He has sold a Sadie Sink autograph and has another autograph of one of the actors listed. I asked him if he had anything else signed by the cast, and he sent me that photo.

This is NOT authentic IMO and having looked at the other items from the seller there are a lot of very poor attempts

Okay, thank you! I appreciate you checking.

No worries, good on you for checking first. Sadly this seller appears to have a lot of cast items of a lot of shows which would be very tough to get and be priced much higher if real

I checked the seller's other offerings... the ones I know are horrendous fakes. So, I think it's a safe bet all the offerings are pure junk.

How is a seller in Waco, Texas getting all these signed cast photos from recent shows?  The answer is obvious.

Another garden variety eBay crooked seller.

99% of cast pieces like this are fakes.


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