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Steve asked me to start a new thread since some were having a lot of issues with regards to whether or not the through the mail autographs of Jerry Lee Lewis are real or not.  I will post some examples of what we have been getting recently and some know in person examples.   These TTM signatures are not cheap.  You have to pay $50 for them to his box office box.  The question is are they real or not.  Roger has said that he has never seen Mr. Lewis sign this way and it looks to perfect - like a woman's signature.  

Please post your thoughts here and examples.



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It would be interesting if someone sent pictures of a variety of signatures and asked Jerry Lee which ones are real? 

Against my better judgement, going through a lot of these images, it's starting to appear the TTM signatures are grouping into four buckets: 

  1. the tall skinny JLL with all well defined letters and no slant
  2. the squat loopy JLL with all well defined letters and no slant; this style often has wild underlining and added quote or sentiment
  3. sloppy style with right slant. Poor letter definition. Sentiment often added. 
  4. The sharp abbreviated JLL (book style)

Reminds me of Trump where there are at least several secretaries in play. A few that are obvious and at least one that is quite deceptive. 

Good work, Steve.

Good work! This makes a lot of sense to me. It really looks like there are at least a few different people who have signed for him in the last 10 years.

Live in the now!

Here are three of mine for reference:

Here is another one on a photo that I purchased recently:

Those look amazing and authentic!

100% real in my opinion.  I assume these were all in person?  One thing consistent is the capital S in Sincerely.  I have gotten those when he inscribed To Steve.  I believe a few of my TTM are indeed legit with that S.  One had a different S which it seems was done in another hand for sure.  So it leaves the autograph in doubt.     Amazingly page 1 of this thread said his TTMs are expensive at 50.00.  How times have changed!

For sure Steve.  I would also assume that these were obtained in person at different times, but I have collected these myself off ebay over the past few years.  I also find that the "y" in "yours" is consistent.  you mentioned the old TTM price.  I paid $17.00 for the signed business card (the messy one) and $100 for the "To Joyce" (just a couple of weeks ago) and $72 for the "To Bobby".  The bargains are still out there if you know what to look for.

I see from a google article about a lawsuit with Jerry Lee and his family that Judith was hired as his caregiver in 2010. I can't remember the exact time period I saw a few ttms come back with autos similar to Terrier's 3 authentic ones but mostly pre 2010 and those autographs of course don't match the ones coming back over the last few years. No ttm from the Judith era seems to match his authentic signature or any ttms received prior to around that period.

Nothing will convince me otherwise that this Judith is nothing more than a con artist. Jerry Lee's situation is a lot like Peter Falk's and Tim Conway's and others with elderly, sickly men whose much younger wives pushed away the celebrities children so they would have total control of the estates.

I just found this article with several signed pieces where she pens both his name and signature yet makes it totally seem like Jerry Lee himself was signing. Not sure if all the pictures will show up, only a few do for me, but the ones that do are obviously done by her hand and even the person doing the article notes it. The Killer inscription is one that we've seen on these so called ttms.


Lastly, the ttms situation is a high dollar fraudulent version of when you get a holiday or birthday card from a relative and the female companion signed by her name and the male husband's name. This is what Judith is doing to your ttms but she's selling you a bill of goods as if Jerry Lee himself is doing it.

In my 30 years of collecting, I don't think I've ever seen anything this bad on the celebrities side. This is just as bad as any Las Vegas store dealer selling fake or any ebay seller with loads of fakes on their site. My only hope is that Jerry Lee himself is being taken care of at home. Again, I'm not a Jerry Lee fan, I've only heard of two of his songs and I've never written him for an autograph and have no gain in the situation but a situation like this makes me very angry. Obviously there's much more tragedy in the world than this but still, it's fraud, a con and a crime.

Here is the artist’s website with images of the Jerry Lee Lewis drawings.  It looks like he got one likely signed by Judith and one likely signed by Jerry Lee.




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