Take a look at this website. They have a Doors album that has a Morrison that looks fake. It's selling rather cheap. Yet this guy has been doing a lot of business successfully online. And read what it says about the people that authenticate his stuff. Intriguing. Anybody do business here, or opinions on it:

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I wouldn't touch anything from this company with a 10 foot pole. All their Runaways stuff are completely horrible forgeries.

just had a look at his items his Duane Allman is a fake and yes too cheap

No good at all, IMO.

Everything I have seen there is beyond suspicious. A lot of garbage on ioffer ties back to this vendor.

Case in point is the below load of crap they pass off as a Big Bill Broonzy graph:

Versus the real thing show below:

* Palm to forehead *

Josh, I went to the site you mentioned and  took a look at the signed items. I chose an Alice Cooper, then an aerosmith and I stopped right there - didn't have to go any further. You have a good eye.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Everything I looked at is fake. The Morrison isn't remotely close. 

So, here's the question I have for everybody. I don't, or didn't, doubt that the stuff was bogus. I was more intrigued by the process they have going with their authenticators. Read on their site, what is involved with that. I'm curious as to your opinions on that -- not whether or not Elton John didn't properly cross his "t" like that.

A shame this Alex guy spent all that energy joining the forensic examiners club and he still "can't tell" how bad his fakes are. Hands down, the weakest attempts at Freddie Mercury I've ever seen. Read up on the sites bio and sounds like a bunch of made up junk.

Mr. Radwill knows exactly what he is doing. And doesn't care.

And, I might add, if you Google his name and virtually all links are pointing to various customer complaints then only a fool would buy anything from his company. How do these people stay in business?

They don’t accept the opinions of TPAs and a legitimate FDE would be cost prohibitive. Their “guarantee” in effect is that you have 10 days to realize that you were ripped off and then you’re stuck with it.



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