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US or UK? What CD? Thanks!

Late v_v

Completely sold out on both stores.

Now have all 4 from the UK site. Keep refreshing people and be quick when one turns up. 

Is it working for the US store too?

I have no idea how you are doing it then because I’ve had not available since 9am on the U.K. site 

Much pressing of F5. They go VERY quickly as/when any do go back on. They show as not available for the vast majority of the time so pretty much down to luck if any get put back on.

(and no idea about the US store as only trying the UK one)

I finally managed to get them all! Thank you very much for the tip :)

Mahogany UK back on! Quiiiick!

US Signed CD's Are Now SOLD OUT!! 

Man, everyone on the east coast is gonna wake up mad today. Me included.


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