Hello everyone!

I'm a new member here. 

Taylor Swift's fans out there where are you?

I found this autographed photo. This girl auctioned it off on eBay and I won. I asked her how she obtained the photo and she told me that her friend had met Taylor Swift in person during her radio promo tour for her first album. 

I tried calling the phone number on the certificate, but it was disconnected.

Do you think it's authentic? I hope so.

Sorry, I couldn't use my camera.

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The OP is not authentic in my opinion. Common forgery


You came here asking for feedback on the authenticity of your Taylor Swift. You got feedback, which you apparently do not like, and you're talking to us and demanding that we prove our opinions like we owe you something. If that's how you feel then this isn't the site for you.

I spent 10 minutes finding examples Taylor Swift autographs that I am confident are likely real, and examples of ones that I am confident are forgeries from the same hand as yours. I did it because you posted this discussion asking for help figuring out if yours is real or not. 

And your reply was: "Well, the one I have was signed in 2007. What makes you think these are real and the others are fake?"

The real question that should be answered in this discussion is, why didn't you find out if it was likely authentic before you bought it?

Not authentic in my opinion.

I'm new at this. I saw the certificate and it looked real with the signature on it, the address, the logo and everything. It's not a piece of white paper with words on it like some others, so I assumed it was real!

I'll contact those folks at the City of Hope. Thanks anyway

I contacted the seller again and this is what she said:

''I am so sorry if you have any doubts about this signature, but I received this autograph from a friend. This friend of mine worked at a radio station and received this as a gift from Taylor's record label when her first album came out. He received this and got an authenticity letter because there is a memorabilia shop near the station and he wanted to get a COA for it. Im so sorry if this has caused any inconvenience, but I don't think my friend would have gave me a fake signature from Taylor Swift as a gift. 

Have a great day!''

sounds like a typical scammer b******* story. Why would a radio guy that got a free autograph go to any memorbilia store to get a COA and why is it from a charity? No way man this is bs

Seller is a pretty bad liar.

City of Hope Is a medical organization. Why would they be issuing a COA for an autograph through a “memorabilia shop?" 

It doesn't look real to me; however, in that period, she was going through a transitional phase in her autographs. It's possible that was real and she only signed like that a handful of times. The end of the debut era to the beginning of Fearless she switched to her current signature. And her current signature just has become less bubbly and more sloppy over time.

this is a common Taylor forgery. 

The COA appears to have nothing to do with a memorabilia company at all.  The person who's title/position at bottom that signed COA seems to be with City of Hope.  They treat cancer patients, and in at least in April 2010 they did auction off 3 chances to meet Taylor at one of 3 concerts that May/June.  Maybe these were provided by City of Hope already signed and given to winners.  Just seems odd that the organization would need to provide a COA since they seemed to host the meet greet.  Or someone else knew of the connection and made one up to go with a fake photo.

Yeah that’s an oversold common forgery that has been sold weekly on eBay for years. 



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