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This is still available at Taylor Swift's UK store! I bought one earlier today and had it sent to my friend that lives there!  

Yeah just got one myself.. Anyone know if theyre hand signed or autopen?  Im hoping handsigned

After all the authentic autographed merch she released.. her fanbase expet these to be real.. if she tries to fake 100k of these.. the backlash she will receive would be insane.. I dont think you need to worry. But man you just never know these days

Thanks mate much appreciated 

Just had an email saying order cancelled as I requested, never requested 

Email them. I had my fearless order canceled and they didn't even bother to tell me.. i found out by seeing a refund on paypal. their explanation was because I bought folklore and they wanted sales to be fair for everyone. I emailed back and forth explaining how that is 2 different items, 2 different orders. It was a big fight but they ended up saying it was their mistake 2 weeks later and finally completed my order even though it was long sold out. This was thru the US store so obviously different people.

Anyones item still pending for this Red signed cd? Mine is

Yep mine is pending too

Yeah mine too and I'm seeing lots of people on social media saying their orders were canceled for no reason so now I'm nervous. I thought when I got the tracking number I was safe but I'm not sure how it works. 

Are they refunding with no problem then if cancelling? 

Are the cancelations a UK think or US? Or a mix of both? I ordered from the US site pretty early before I started posting stats. Im guessing there were 54k left in stock at that point. If I get a cancelation email, ill post on here but so far, my order page says processed and I have a tracking number but still awaiting shipment. Same thing happened with the folklore cds. I remember those wernt actually shipped out until a week after I received tracking

I'm not sure, mine hasn't been canceled but I just noticed a lot of people on Twitter complaining about theirs getting canceled but not sure where they ordered from. mine just says order confirmed and has a tracking number. my fearless ones had a tracking number and they didn't ship for nearly a month so they eventually reshipped them. i am always nervous until see them moving in the system.


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