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Yes mine is pending and has a tracking number but has never been updated to shipped which is odd. It would suck to not get it since I have the last 3.

I’ve just received same email cancelling too. I should have used US store as previous Taylor CDs 

If anyone has an extra would consider trade with Ed Sheeran (graffiti or shivers), Elton Dua single (signed by Dua), The Killers (by Brandon).

Will have some other artists cd and books spares but haven’t received yet. 

Are they giving a reason why they are cancelling?

Had no cancellation notice yet fingers x  ,not sure if its related but i did notice that in the last few hours or so on the UK site countdown the text on the site changed to order now more stock coming rather than in stock 

I have noticed in the past that when they recognise you're ordering the US-only edition from outside the country (either by IP address and/or using a forwarding service and/or a foreign card) they'll cancel your order without notice. They'll probably not catch all but I'm sure they have some checks in place. I assume the same goes for UK.

Order status changed from Pending to Processing. 

Mine too mate

Uk ones back in stock 

I got one but they later rejected my order

I’m in US and my order from yesterday was rejected overnight with no notification. I had put my US address as billing address on my profile. I’ve changed that to my UK forwarding address and reordered, also used GooglePay this time. We’ll see if that allows it to go through…doubt it, but worth a shot

And already rejected again lol…I guess they have the forwarding address flagged (MyUkMailbox)…crazy that they go to that length, you’d think they want the sales/money

Same here. 3 times rejected. Even using VPN, different email and different card, although same address. 

If anyone would be able to get me an extra to be sent to my forwarding address would really appreciate it. 


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