Rules - under construction. Suggestions welcome. In no order:

New members must be active and wait 2 months before buying or selling.

Be sure to state your return policy - 6 months for any reason is acceptable.

Be sure to state PP payment accepted only without using Friends and Family.

Please await some opinions from our members.

Be sure to show large images of front and back.

Please describe the condition of the item.

Are you the original owner? Make sure the buyer understands if your certificate is non-transferable.

Please refrain from selling items from recently deceased signers.

Any certificates must be shown.

Quick Opinions/Pre-certs may not be used to assist a sale.

Thank you.


If everyone adheres to these rules the BST Forum will reopen.

NOTE: All transactions are between buyer and seller - Autograph Live is not involved in any way beyond setting the rules noted to protect our members.

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And we are not doing the 6 month thing.

+1 on the six month return for any reason.  Way too long. 


I want to put a note out to thank Eric for all of his time in trying to organize it. It has been very kind of him to put all of the effort into resurrecting this group for the board. I know we all have different opinions of some of the rules being proposed and its great to discuss any proposals here. 

Once again Eric thank you for all of your efforts. 

Thank you! Nice to hear :)

+1 Thank you Eric!

Thanks Cogo :)

I want to add that it will be cool once the section is back up so I can post some items of interest. Its just such a great group and I like the atmosphere of the forum. I have met so many interesting people with so much knowledge since I first joined. I can only imagine the other cool items that people have collected over the years. 

Like others have states, 6 month return policy is a no go. A forced return policy period in general isn't something I'd care for.

We also should be able to sell items from recently deceased signers. No reason to not allow that.

I have said a few times now we won't be doing the 6 month thing. There will be a return period, if very brief, as items in hand are not the same as scans. Thank you :)

Thanks for all the thought and hard work you put into revamping BST, Eric. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Every autograph offered must have a meaningful lifetime guarantee of authenticity to the original buyer. We'll discuss guarantee terms that make sense. A group of members led by me can settle disputes where the buyer says it's not real and the seller maintains it is.
  2. I think it's OK to allow sales right after the signer's death. I wasn't comfortable with it before but I think it makes sense and will keep some from buying fakes elsewhere.
  3. I'm OK with a 30 day waiting period for new members before they can sell, as long as they participate in the site at least twice a week during the 30 days, so we can get to know them.
  4. I'm fine with no waiting period for buyers.
  5. Return privilege: Minimum 14 days after buyer receives it if there's a problem with it or it's not as represented. The seller can set the return privilege terms if the buyer just changes their mind. If there's a disagreement the buyer and seller can't settle themselves, I'll decide.
  6. Do your homework to make sure you're confident the item is genuine before you offer it for sale.
  7. Site period: NO chasing down new members looking for something you have and want to sell. Absolutely no. That's because a lot of new people think that all longtime members know their stuff and the seller may not. If the buying member wants something they can put a want ad in the group or a member who has it can offer it for sale in the group.
  8. Everything should be publicly priced or for a trade, terms mentioned.

Thank you Steve, and for your valued input :)



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