Hi all. New to this forum. I bought this set of elektra promo pics with signatures. They were mounted in a frame. I do have the full set of elektra press promo photos that were of more recent times. These 4 are definitely vintage compared to the fore mentioned. All that said, I have no idea if they are the real deal. I foolishly smeared the Robby signature in my efforts to confirm that they were indeed live signatures which they are. I know that The Beatles had an office where staff would sign items on behalf of the Fab Four so it might be that what I have were similarly signed on behalf of. I would appreciate your feedback 18CC33CB-E600-4080-90C5-E8DA72536158.jpeg

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I don’t think, these are real, especially looking at the Morrison.

Thanks for your input. I bought these on a whim. I like them if only for the vintage appearance. Be safe and well during these difficult times. Best

I first saw your set in 2018 and have seen three others since then. I was unfamiliar with these signed photos prior to that, and haven’t really reached a confident opinion about them one way or the other. I submitted one set for a Quick Opinion and didn’t really receive a clear answer.

Hello there. I actually have all certified signatures from all four. The JDM I have is particularly unique because it actually includes pictures of his signing in 67 as well as PSA certified and the young ladies testimony of that day. The photographs of his signing that piece that I am lucky to own, are spine tingling.

my point is, to my amateur eyes, the signatures look similar. 

I thank you for your valued input. Also happy to share pics of my certified autos should you wish. Best. Stay well

I believe I’ve seen that one. If so, it’s a nice full signature from when they performed at the Fantasy Faire and Magic Music Festival. Welcome!

Wow, you know your stuff. Grateful to hear from you. And you nailed it...

That’s it. Congrats!

This seems a stretch - PROVENance?

I have none other than the sellers word. I too am sceptical and I was planning to contact Henry Diltz and Doors experts like MildEquator and Fireheart. I do not claim authenticity but am hoping for any input from you experts regarding the coin

Definitely a stretch. I’ve never heard of a lucky penny from the 127 Fascination box.

I have a signed copy of The New Creatures, which is one of my favorite items.

Hi Eric. I hope you and yours are well. Thought I would share with you a response from Jim friend and photographer. Basically, still no provenance!

thought you might like to know 

cheers, best

Hello Stephen,
I've never heard anything about a coin like that. Don't know who
would know. Sounds interesting. Maybe a fan or girlfriend had it
made as a present for him.

Best to you,

I've also seen a few sets like these and have been on the fence about it. The first "O" is completely out of character in all 3 of the sets I've seen, including yours. In my opinion they're questionable/likely genuine. I've never heard of a lucky penny from the 127 either. My prized possessions? My 2 JMorrison signed checks and an original copy of Jim's Ode to L.A.


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