Before I can offer this signed Cd from the Eagles, I would like to have your opinion. I did not get this signed.

Thank you in advance!


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Bernie Leadon! Now that's sweet getting his signature on this CD. Looks like his and Frey's signature may have been obtained at the same time.

Thank you Joe for your reply.


It looks good to me, but if you want to offer it here, I'd be more comfortable if you ran it by Roger. 

Thank you Steve. I will ask Roger before I offer it for sale here.

the Eagles....

here is another...from my seller....

...but don't know if its real....

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Yours is not real in my opinion. Compare it to the one at the start of this discussion. That one is very likely real in my opinion, although Eagles can be very tough, which is why I wanted Bjarne to get a professional opinion from Roger Epperson. 


maybe all of my autographs are fakes....


Tommy, take heart you've found the right site to build a better collection.

Tommy, I hope not. Most of us hate to give collectors bad news. And we have to give it far too often. 

thank you,Steve....

are you good to with Keith Moon and John Bonham autographs ?

I'm not bad. I use exemplars.


what do you mean :?

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