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Seller "forgot" to mention who issued the COA for this forgery. Signatures slowly drawn or traced. 


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I like that one, Bruce.

GFA and Rocchi have probably "authenticated" more forgeries than Morales.

This style of forgery has been around for a while...easy to spot.

This junk has also been sold by the legendary 'Coach's Corner" auctions. Anybody know why CC is still in business?

Jim, that's a great question.   Imagine selling millions of dollars in forgeries and being able to enjoy the money from the sales of those forgeries without fear of penalty.

Coach's Corner is the only place where you can buy a drawing by Picasso for $45.00. They also have a limitless supply of "signed" Beatles albums! Pathetic!

There are MAYBE 4 or 5 legit signed Abbey Road albums that are known to exist...signed in late 1969...one from Lizzie Bravo...rare to say the least.

Key words “genuine”.

At least the shipping is reasonable, only $350!


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