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I've had these images for some time, and had taken for granted that the autographs were authentic. After they were recently posted in a now-closed thread, I took a closer look and saw some things that bothered me about them. For example, the "E" in "Noel" in the first set doesn't look right, and the "C" in Mitch in the second set doesn't appear to have been formed correctly. One thing that really stuck out was the odd, unnatural looking "N" in "Hendrix" found in the first set.

I started to compare them to other exemplars that I have, and found this:

I suspect that the other two were copied from this authentic one, and it now appears to me that six has turned out to be nine. What do you think?

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Wow - interesting study, and scary! This may seem naive, but how does one copy authentic items? I've seen examples where people try to trace items that can seem quite obviously traced, and you can almost always tell when someone tries to copy by hand because there are problems with height, width, the continuous flow, and other. The autopen may be the worst offender because those match the person's handwriting exactly. If these were copied, how do you think that was done?

I've attached a set of examples on one sheet that someone was selling on eBay a couple of years ago. The story was that Jimi did these in court in Toronto during a hearing for drug possession - I think for the lawyer's daughter if I remember right.   Thanks for sharing.

I'm actually having second thoughts about the second example. The "C" in "Mitch" still looks odd, though. I think it might be okay.

I meant that it may have been an attempt to copy this particular example as best as possible, with some noticeable differences.

That's a great item. Thanks for sharing it.

Here's another one that was posted, and which looks authentic to me:

Apparently the same consignor also obtained this autograph, which also looks authentic to me:

I initially called these genuine, which was followed by an insulting remark from Grant who implied that one or both of these wasn't authentic. Unfortunately, I bought into his game and tried to open this for discussion. Lesson learned. Never again will I give any credibility to anything that Grant states or implies.

Both are authentic and I too would not take grants word all knowing.

He is a sad individual ballroom. As it turns out, i believe good ol Sean Heron is really Grant as well. This guy is just as pathetic as they come

So which of all of these Hendrix autos are fakes.  Or are any of the examples shown in this thread fake.  I would like to know and save the files. 

I believe all are authentic.

so do you all mind if i save the images.

No, go right ahead.

Thank you man.

THese are excellent autos. I know my collection is very limited but if you see anything that I might have in my varied collection I would live to swap something for a Hendrix since apparently you have such a abundance !!!

Let me know if we can come to a mutual trade !  aloha  Rev. JOed 


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