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I've had these images for some time, and had taken for granted that the autographs were authentic. After they were recently posted in a now-closed thread, I took a closer look and saw some things that bothered me about them. For example, the "E" in "Noel" in the first set doesn't look right, and the "C" in Mitch in the second set doesn't appear to have been formed correctly. One thing that really stuck out was the odd, unnatural looking "N" in "Hendrix" found in the first set.

I started to compare them to other exemplars that I have, and found this:

I suspect that the other two were copied from this authentic one, and it now appears to me that six has turned out to be nine. What do you think?

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Here is one I'll throw into the mix that I have. There must have been trouble with the ball point pen
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