supposed to be available for 3 days but inventory shows 100+ left for each, my source mentioned limited to 200 each.

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Very nice! Smart timing too, right after the pre-orders have shipped. 

I couldn’t pass up on this offer, the prints look really nice.

Bargain, cd, cassette ??, and A2 poster for £15 with free delivery!!

A3 poster, but still a bargain. Was after anything 'This is my truth...' signed, so really happy.

Hope they ship them properly, sometimes signed posters arrive in terrible condition.

Says A2 on mine

CD & Cassette = A2 (sold out now)

CD & Download = A3

haaa, makes sense :)

This bundle contains;

  • 1 x the ultra vivid lament cd
  • 1 x the ultra vivid lament cassette
  • 1 x hand-signed this is my truth... print

A2 Print on matt paper - 59.4 x 42.0 cm.

Funny that the size for the A2 is in cm and the A3 in inches. Had me really confused.

Let's hope they ship the right size as A2 is the better deal imho. No wonder the CD & Cassette bundles sold out this fast.

Nice deal but UK only

Restocked? I guess it will be available for 3 days then :)

Did not see a restock or I missed it. Looks to me like they just switched the order of the bundles; top 3 are now the A3 posters which did not sell out. Bottom 3 the A2 (with cassette) which say sold out.

The Manic are battling with Steps for UK number 1 album, gooooo MSP..!


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