The Night Stalker Darren McGavin DS February 1972 & Original B/W Still

Hi All,

I loved this show! Darren McGavin February 1972 Directors Guild tax DS and a photo of his character Carl Kolchak with Reverse blurb about the "new series". The film The Night Stalker premiered in January 1972 followed by The Night Strangler with the all-too-short (and under-budgeted) series coming later in 1974. Promo photos from this series are hard to find.

As always, click for full image:

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Most welcome - it is great fun! :) 50 is young BTW ;) "experienced" as Jimi might say. hopes :D

Yes, 50 is still young in many ways.  Some day when we are in our mid-80s, we will look back fondly on the days of youth that were our 50s!  ;0)

That is exactly why I am getting tix for David Byrne and Thom Yorke! :)

I absolutely love The Talking Heads.  Their music was so creative and inventive, imo.  I didn’t listen to as much of Radiohead, but Creep is one of my favorite songs ever. Of course, now that I have music unlimited, I plan on listening to much more from Radiohead.

Here I am with David Byrne! July 1st, 1990 - my first IP and also first R&R autograph. I think I am very lucky to have this moment captured on film. I also have an IP Yorke from August 16th, 1996.

Oh, wow...that is so cool!  I can see the look of excitement on your face.  What a great moment!

That is a remarkable Simon Oakland autograph and the shot fits very well.  Authentic signatures of his are tough and usually expensive.  Another great find!  A lot of people did not care for the second movie but I liked it. 

It was cool. He asked me to hold his guitar and coffee while he opened the trunk and then offered me a lift "anywhere" and also stole my pen LOL We were both having....a good time. ;) I should not be so timid! Same thing happened with M. Manson asking me backstage to meet Thom Yorke and I said no. :(

It is one graph I would never sell! I sold a fully vintage signed "1977" sleeve by Mick Rock in lieu of this. :-o

That’s amazing.  I think I may asked him to just drop me off somewhere in my “neighborhood”...which I would have fabricated to be like fifteen miles away...just so I could spend more time talking to him!  Lol.

Oh that would have been great with Marilyn Manson and Thom Yorke.  I like a lot of Manson’s songs too.  I would have loved meeting him too.

Well, I failed to recognize this person in makeup and contacts to my immediate left and was wondering why people were pointing and screaming at the box I was in! LOL I think he bought me a drink. He was very reserved for a man with a guy on a leash Calvin Klein was there with Michael Musto etc. Crazy evening. We were all seated in the stage right box and then all had to move to the stage left box LOL. Three stooges funny everyone trying to carry everything we had going on all the way across.

I think offstage, Manson can actually be pretty reserved.  I’ve seen him in interviews where he is fairly reticent...until he suddenly blurts out something kind of off-the-wall or even shocking.  Although I must say, in the interviews I’ve seen, he’s never had a man on a leash.  Lol.  

That did sound like a crazy one I would have quite I’m sure you did!  Experiences like that are truly the spice of life!  They make our lives interesting and fun.



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