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Not available for US customers 

Dang, wish it was US Shipping 

Think it says change currency to GBP for outside UK orders, dunno though as I’m in UK

It doesn’t matter it shows 

Oops - We can't find the page you're looking for

Theyre still there but if your cookies for their site show US it wont show it.

Mannnnnnn, I missed it.  

Limited copies at sound of vinyl 200 only ,about 35 left 


Says it isn't available in my country (US).  AAAGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!  

Thanks for posting this ... I'm still hoping I luck out eventually.  

Yeah ! Now on their official store !


FINALLY!!!  Thanks, Fabio25000!!!!!!!!!!!

You're welcome !

I Love this band ! Wish they become bigger and famous like Muse or other rock n roll big band !


Thank you so much for posting this!!!

I've been waiting for The Struts for so long.

While I've cut down on autograph collecting after getting Jimmy Page, there's definitely room on my Wall of Fame for the Struts!


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