Signed by Eric Clapton, Jim McCarty, Paul Samwell-Smith and Chris Dreja. Limited to 100.

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Fair enough, I looked if there were any on ebay this morning and this one came up as listed the 23 May I think it was.I didn't know about the false listings.

I thought initially he had somehow missed it - as he usually lists things within minutes but he doesn't miss anything - he has some sort of super duper BOT technology where he pays with multiple addresses / cards in mili seconds and  that he buys rare signed and non signed items even when he's asleep worldwide 24/7 !

I remember  in late 2020 when some Signed Liam Gallagher Unplugged  items were posted at 2.35 AM UK time on his UK webstore he nabbed a lot  of them and they were straight on ebay ! 

Online chatter suggested they were going up at 5PM UK Time - I gave up waiting at 2.30 AM after pressing F5 on my PC for over 9 hours and missed out ! 

Reading on here afterwards they were put up at 2.35 AM - so i missed out by 5 minutes LOL 

For a limit of 100, this was available for a while on here. I even commented how it wasn't sold out yet. This was after I purchased mine. I no longer have access to my old email address and had to re register with a new one, putting in all of my details manually, I was so upset thinking its long gone.. nope, was still available with time to spare. I would love to know how bots actually work and how fast they are.. but question is, if he used multiple IP addresses and cards to purchase this. The only way rough trade could catch him is if he shipped them all to just 1 address. If not, what can they do? How would they know who he is and what orders to cancel? 

I am sure he is not the only one that had purchased multiples on here.  Congrats to all who got one!! Thank you also for the person who posted it. 

Yes sadly it was posted on here 9 minutes after i left my computer and was long sold out by the time i goy back on here an hour later. Only the 3rd time  I have left the house to do someone a favour in the last 2 years !

I don't know much about Bots to be honest, so anyone else feel free to chip in,  but reading online you pay X amount each month for the Bot software which works better on the Shopify Payment system but works on others systems too, you can load multiple cards with multiple addresses - so these scalpers would need to be linked to many mail forwarding companies too and Bots enable you to buy and checkout instantly  - way before humans can even load a payment page, let alone entering in all the details. 

I'll spend some time today researching bots and if there is any way to catch them. Im all for retailers setting limits and sticking to them as best as they can. Rough trade made me register before I could complete the check out process since I was using a new email address. The bots would also have to log in and log out of rough trade repeatedly as well I would think. I have much to learn.

Ok so quick research and im overwhelmed with how rampant this is in other hobbies.. for anyone else in the dark, here's a good link to start learning. Seems to be huge for sneakers. Its probably up to retailers to implement ways for this to be stopped, so for sure email rough trade and give them ideas. It probably won't help this item but id love for limits to be strictly enforced as best as they can with all retailers.

He is definitely One of Us - I've monitored him for over 18 months  -  he has done this with many other listings posted on here in the past !

They restocked and it sold out again, within a minute. Just had a few available 

Did you get one?

I have the page open and press F5 every few minutes !


This is supposed to ship next week for anyone that was fortunate to get one with a Clapton autograph.  Sweet!!!



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